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Hello from Bucks

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1 Hello from Bucks on 10th March 2013, 7:50 pm


Another newbie to the GTIR...

For years I've been walking past one that appeared occasionally round the back of Madame Tussauds in London - the security chap described it as a 'mental motor' when he saw me looking at it, and I didn't recognise the badge. I looked it up - and agreed. 2 years later I got as far as asking if the owner wanted to sell - and had a frightening test drive in the underground carpark where it was stored (no MOT). That had me hooked, but I wasn't going to pay silly money for something I couldn't drive away.

Another year or so on, and one crops up in Port Talbot, asking price just over what I would have paid for the first one. I took a punt, offer accepted, and viewed/paid for it on a wet dark welsh night. Drove it cautiously back to Bucks the next day, osf front brake juddering furiously but less so when all 4 tyres were up to pressure.

Found Bob on t'internet, and booked it in for an expert opinion and an answer to 'what the hell have I bought?'

Bob and Lee gave it the once over, fixed the seized caliper and replaced the det sensor (it had been running in 'limp' mode), with much swearing over the bracket that had to be removed and that Bob had not seen when he quoted for the job... As this was just as he was descending into medical oblivion, I'm not sure which was cause or effect - glad to know you are back out, Bob, and wish you a swift and full recovery!

Incidentally, Bob is dining out on his description of me as the nutter that went out for a 19 mile walk around the Roche valley while waiting for the car. Oh well, each to his own! Next time I'll try the highlife of Southend...

Drove home at slightly more than the regulation pace, luckily without photographic evidence. ECU Temperature sensor needs replacing, but Lee and Bob ran out of time. I've looked at that and reckon it will be back there soon for Lee's smaller hands to see if he can get to it, b******d if I can! All hints welcomed as to what I need to remove to get to it.

Got Bob to value it for insurance purposes - he burbled about its condition and valued it at 3 times what I paid. It's nice when fortune smiles. Value is irrelevant - it's my motorbike replacement, as I'm too old and fond of my creature comforts to become a 'dead-again' biker. It's going to remain bog-standard (hence the moniker) as I'm going to be the weak link in making it go fast.

btw, I recommend Peter James for the saner (senile?) driver - it just qualifies for classic status, and their rate is exceptionally good. As I'm on restricted mileage I probably shouldn't hurry to get the odometer working... pirat

I'll look forward to trying it on a track day.

2 Re: Hello from Bucks on 10th March 2013, 8:06 pm


Welcome to the forum sounds like you got a bargain in the end ....

3 Re: Hello from Bucks on 10th March 2013, 8:19 pm


Welcome fella, what sort of power/spec you running. Get some pics up Very Happy

4 Re: Hello from Bucks on 11th March 2013, 12:32 am


Welcome on board, glad to hear the issues picked up were minor and now we know who to blame for breaking bob with that Poxy Y bracket

5 Re: Hello from Bucks on 11th March 2013, 3:23 pm


hiya keith
welcome to the site fella Cool

im out of hospital now after you put me in there 'thanks' Laughing
not answered emails yet though as theres a few piled up but will get round to it.

guys i have to say this
keiths car is totally original and in virtually mint condition everywhere you look at it and that includes the underside too, it simply is the best car i have ever laid eyes on in the 8 years weve been involved with these motors, also the quitest untouchd stock engine too.
im not gonna say what he paid for it but well worth every penny and a lot more on top.

its not often i now rave about a gtir unless its something exceptional and this one is that car
great buy and look after her keith Wink

6 Re: Hello from Bucks on 12th March 2013, 8:58 am


Hi and welcome.

Always great to hear of a great condition std gtir.

Nice one

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