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gtir knuckle swap with p10 and b13 se-r

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1 gtir knuckle swap with p10 and b13 se-r on 26th September 2013, 4:20 am


Are the front and rear wheel bearings of a B13, P10 or any other nissan with slight modification the same as a GTI-R.

 Front B13=N14=RNN14 so yes, that should work. 

Rear : B13/14 no, but the rear = front wheel bearing on the RNN14 if i'm not mistaken so they may work if a 5 stud upgrade is what you're looking for, i don't know if the inner splines are the same on front/rear.

Did some quick parts checking.... Yes, wheel bearings are the same part F/R for the RNN14 so the centre should press in, but the 'wheel hub' which is the part you want to use there, are listed as different parts for front/rear. I do not know what is different about them (maybe just the 68mm centrebore location for the brake rotor??), perhaps someone with more first hand experience could chime in and confirm the differences.

Is anyone able to shed some light on these findings ?

2 Re: gtir knuckle swap with p10 and b13 se-r on 26th September 2013, 8:00 am


Intresting but i dont know how available the sentra is in the uk? There is a company i have on facebook who look to do alot of 5 stud conversions. But ideally people want off the shelf parts, which us ehy im looking for somthing thats machined up. 

I need this as i need 18x10 all round maybe with a et of 20 Wink will then build the wide arches around the poke Wink

3 Re: gtir knuckle swap with p10 and b13 se-r on 26th September 2013, 8:33 am

Andy Sunny Gti

The P10 is rare in the UK now as very few left this has the 2.0 SR20DE engine.
The Sentra SR20DE models are not readily available in the UK, mainly on the American market.

Some of the P10 Primera also came in a 4x4, which many owners did the Gti-r conversion, they used the Gti-r engine, gearbox and drive shafts, this was a 4 wheel stud set up.
The thing is not sure what suspension was used, as I don't know or think the Gti-r suspension is compatibe with the Primera P10.

You could also look at it this way.
In my Nissan Sunny 2.0 Gti, the gearbox, engine, and driveshafts can be compatible with a few modifications to swap between a Nissan Almera, Primera P10, B13 Sentra, and 100NX.

Not sure if this helps you, btw your link did not work for me.

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