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My ivory project

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76 Re: My ivory project on 1st June 2012, 6:19 pm


Feel for you stu cant realy say i know what ur going through but i know its crap, least u got the forums :-) get it sorted and you wont have to bother with all the builds and frustrating stuff so much you will be able to enjoy it I wont realy ever be lifting a spanner again lol just too frustrating and anoying bob needs an medal lmao perseveranve

77 Re: My ivory project on 1st June 2012, 7:34 pm


Thanks Tom.

The forums dont cut it when youre not in the mood for anything mate, ive not been on as much latley because i cant be arsed with anything car related...

I will be glad when its all done with Richs car, talking of which, its sprung a leak on the waterpump, so i have to take that off and reseal it Sad

Really CBA but its gotta be done!

I took the plenum backd off earlier because i thought i hadnt tightened a hose up.

I wont be doing any more jobs for anyone thats for sure!

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