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1 Mines on 19th October 2013, 4:55 pm


Iv got a mines ecu currently on my car iv noticed every now and then when i turn the igntion on the fans kick in and stay running,And if i do start the car it runs really lumpy like its on 3 cylinders with the fans continously running,Anyway i had a spare chipped ecu which iv replaced and all seems normal now,can anything be done regarding with the mines?

thanks all.

2 Re: Mines on 19th October 2013, 5:40 pm


Its a non mappable ecu however if it has a fault ie board damage  it should be able to be fixed not sure what you could do regarding software ...?

3 Re: Mines on 19th October 2013, 6:12 pm


might pay to send it to dave watoga on here aj and let him take a look at it

4 Re: Mines on 19th October 2013, 6:17 pm


Will drop him a pm,ta bob

5 Re: Mines on 19th October 2013, 9:34 pm


ecu technician
ecu technician

As mentioned in my PM, I'm more than happy to help out any GTiR enthusiast free of charge. I would never charge any money to help diagnose problems, and just keeping fellow GTiR owners on the road is reward enough. However, as Lieghton has said, since the Mines ECU is a permanently mapped chipset, it seems unlikely that a map could have changed. Without looking at the ECU, it sounds that its been damaged somehow, either through a short circuit or something similar.

The first check would be to make sure all the pins are connected when you plug the ECU into your loom. You could also remove the ECU cover and check the Mines chipset is still firmly soldered into the existing architecture. If all this checks out, then I could download your maps and confirm whether-or-not its a mapping issue. I would highly doubt it is a mapping issue, as it simply sounds like a connection/soldering problem.

I'm more than happy to offer any assistance though,

6 Re: Mines on 19th October 2013, 9:55 pm


Cheers for the info dave,il have another good look at it daytime the ecu looks fine pins all look intact and straight as,as mentioned above il go through the wiring on the loom as previously I did have a manual afr controller spliced into the loom from previous owner and that was messing up with the fuel and the mines so that was completely removed,will double check and let you know how I get on,cheers again.

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