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Detailing packs or buy it all separate ?

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1 Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 26th December 2013, 1:23 pm

Pulsar Paul

Wanting to get into the whole cleaning a lot better and got lots of different products over the years but was just looking at a kit to buy a load of new stuff Smile

what do people think of the auto Glym kits

The big pack inside outside and wheels?

Sorry if this is in the wrong area Sad

Cheers paul

2 Re: Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 26th December 2013, 1:41 pm


Hi Paul auto g stuff is very old school they have not really had any further development with there products now don't get me wrong I still have a bottle of mer polish on my shelf but there are products out there with 'up to date' tech that I think will make ur job alittle easier and achieve the finish near abouts where u want it hope that helps

3 Re: Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 26th December 2013, 3:09 pm


What do you recommend indy ?

4 Re: Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 26th December 2013, 4:04 pm

Pulsar Paul

Cheers Indy iv still got mer as I know it doesn't realy react with anything you put it on lol and as nomad says what would you recommend for...
Car shampoo
Car polish
A lighter detail polish of some sort
Window cleaning
Tyre dressing
Wheel polish and for te more import what should I use on the exhaust trims lol as I use G3 at the mo

Cheers paul

5 Re: Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 28th December 2013, 6:18 pm


There's all sorts of products out there end of the day it all depends how well ur paintwork has been prepped as in removing swirl marks and light scratches,the way I see it is by waxing or using a sealent won't make the car shine its simply sealing up your paint,for instance if u wax a car and it looks alot shiny u have simply just filled scratches up some waxs and sealants contain filler so ur not removing these scratches,so in terms it's how you polish to prep the paint you could use a £100 wax or a £5 wax if it ain't prepped well then you'll never get that shine and protection,idearly you wana prep the paint with one of the 3m pads with a buffer which gives a slight cut into the paint and also an easy pad to work with,as for a polish you'll need a really light abrasive one to match accordingly to the pad and also the condtion of the paint, so many products out there it's just all trial and error for the go.

6 Re: Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 29th December 2013, 4:38 pm


I totally agree with Aj it is trail and error as each product for one needs to compliment your paint work as stated before some are very soft and can be scratched with ur nail lol and others that are harder and can't even be scratched with keys ect more importantly the products being used need to compliment each other and with the extensive testing ( trial and error) we have done its possible to get a great shine from paint work that has possibly never been corrected in 20+ years.
To give u a definate list of items to use is very difficult as it may not be suitable I would suggest using a light non polymer based shampoo that is neutral in ph, same with a snow foam, pls note not all foams are safe a degreaser wheel cleaner clay bar ect wax and trim dressing and wheel sealants also the towels and cloths need to be mint there is a lot to go into its really never ending and you can get easily lost lol trust me I know.
I know the answer above is not what u want to hear but it's an honest answer there is a lot that goes into cleaning a car. It takes us 3-6 days just to clean the ousted of a car just to give u an idea of the amount of effort that goes into it.

7 Re: Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 30th December 2013, 10:54 am


i think poorboys and chemicl guys products are very good

8 Re: Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 30th December 2013, 12:12 pm

Pulsar Paul

Cheers for the input guys I must admit I'm slightl confused now lol
Iv actually got some of the poor guys products and thought they were pretty good!
and as for the paint I'm hoping its pretty good as its on a merc rather than my old Datsun that iv broke n sold this year Sad
There's a couple of little Dents I want removed then a full detail Smile and I'v spent a weekend cleaning a cr before just now quite a week yet Smile

9 Re: Detailing packs or buy it all separate ? on 30th December 2013, 1:33 pm


Hi Paul didn't mean to confuse u some of the poor boys stuff is good and dodo juice has some excellent products carpro has fantastic new tech in there products as well as g technique but are very expensive and should only be used once u have detailed the car properly try some out for urself and see what works best hope that clears ur mind abit lol

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