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powerflex or superpro?

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1 powerflex or superpro? on 7th January 2014, 8:36 pm


Currently collecting parts to re do all the bushes on my car in the summer and have just got the rear trailing arms and tie bars left to get. I'm just wondering whats peoples opinion on bush choice was as there is a massive difference in price especially between superpro and powerflex on these. what have other people and whats your opinion of them, or is there any others that can be fitted you know of. cheers in advance!  Very Happy 

2 Re: powerflex or superpro? on 7th January 2014, 8:46 pm


Nothelane do them .... ive used superpoly pro bushes with no issues tbh i think powerflex your paying for name .... a couple of the bushes are cheaper from powerflex overall though poly pro is a damn site cheaper ....

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