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my first pulsar might as well go for all the forums...

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now i've already started my build thread once on gtir oc, so ill just run a catch up on here up to date.

so I picked up little baby a few months ago, a bit of a deal it was. Trading work for the car worked out pretty well.

previous work on the car which the receipts show are....

it it had a full engine rebuild by a chap down in south end, the company name escapes me but he's a specialist? His name was bob . The invoice shows forged pistons rods bolts new shells ect arp bolts new oil pump and other bits, it had a hybrid turbo to but that has since failed and been replaced with a standard unit.. Well that's a brief history I don't know some one might recognize it...
well so now I have it

And there it sat for a few days... Finally I got some time to lift the bonnet and well it looked a little sorry for its self!

the spiders web was so thick it was like a blanket.. It just peeled off in one big sheet needless to say it had sat for 2 years under a tree and had some hash work done to it... I'm not even sure what they was doing..

The IACV had been repaired.. But on closer inspection I noticed that the plug was glued on the opposite way round? Pit wasn't squared and just looked like a lash job.. Repaired that and re fitted with a new gasket.

so I thought why not get some bits painted to look nice so the plenum lid and the inter cooler cover were first to go!

Parts all refitted and it was time to see if it started.... Amazingly it started on the button! Ran a little lumpy and then cleared!

Boom smiles all round a little run up the road and yep the clutch slips like a gooden! Sad oh well... It's a project right!

time now to chuck her on the ramp for a good poke around.... Suspension is ok no play that's all good the brakes are shot but that's ok one of the rear calipers has failed and is leaking from the piston, few exhaust rubbers need replacing to. all looking good so far.... Out comes the mot inspection hammer.... Damn hole in the rear floor about 3" or so.. On to the front and those sills look a little hmm wrecked some ones been here with a cheap trolley jack me thinks! And low and be hold..... Yep stick a couple of holes in both sills and worst I think I'll be doing the inner sills too..

well I've got some free time over the hols so I'll get the grinder out and see how bad things get!!

but for now! She's running sounding sweet and don't worry the oil will be changed soon!

So just a small update done some prep work for the repairs and it's not all that bad!

Just at the near side inner sill needs a patch but mostly good metal.. So when the new year hits.. My body shop boys will have some work to get on with Smile here's a few shots of what I done today it gives me a better idea of what needed to be done.

any one have any idea on the rear calipers? Part number? Cross match to any thing else?

so spent a good few hours finishing off the patch welding Smile pretty chuffed... Tried to repair the rear caliper to but no joy so it's def going to need replacement but I'll be hitting bob up for a pair of calipers with brackets. the mounting bolts are some what stuck and felt like they are going to break Sad

any my ways less talk more pictures :-P

getting there! Just need a clutch and a caliper! And it's good for the mot!
Then to finish off the fab for the brake upgrade Smile

New clutch arrived today Smile stage 2 organic Smile

anyone have any helpful tips? things that might break? need replacing? pictures of reinforced clutch fork? part numbers of bits?
i dont need a step by step, and the real basic stuff yea im pretty sure i have that covered to.... but any actual useful constructive advice is always greatly appreciated!

well thats this thread up to date... thanks for reading


Welcome to the site


Welcome aboard to the site ..... seems like you have bought it back from the dead ..... bob (gtirus ) is the co-owner of this site strangely enough .... drop me a pm and il send you some pictures of a uprated clutch fork ..... as for advice on clutch ... mainly either drop the whole lot engine/gearbox/tranfer box out in one then seperate the gearbox off change the clutch or leave the engine in situ ... remove the tranfer box then its just the same as doing a fwd car ....i see you have acess to a lift so that makes life a little easier ... just becareful of the sump not to dent it wichever method you try .


Welcome aboard mate Wink
Glad you joined up!

Ask away on here and you will get a decent reply!

Everyone on here are here to help! Wether you be an old member or new!!!
Loads of knowledgeable people Wink


hiya fella and welcome to the forum

yes im bob from gti-r us
have you got the receipt with the car for the engine build by us?
if not then the engine should have a number stamp on it if you could pm me il tell you where it will be stamped as every engine built by us will have a relevant build number.

only reason I say this is because I do not recognise the car at all unless the guy fitted the engine hiself after we built it.
glad your sorting out all the gremlins on her though


web admin
web admin
welcome to the forum mate, helpful bunch here Wink

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