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New to the forum but not the frustration...

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1 New to the forum but not the frustration... on 8th March 2014, 6:35 pm


Hello Everyone...

I've had my Pulsar for a few years now but only found this site the other day so I thought I'd say hello.

Im based in North Wales and have what I like to think is quite a tidy grey example, I am attempting to get her really nice ideally about 400hp track setup but still with some of the minimal refinements that came as standard... She is amazingly my daily drive and performs surprisingly well for such an old girl.

I don't know if anyone has every spotted it around the Wrexham area? I do travel about a lot in her though too, I was working up in Dundee in her for a month just before christmas...

Its not my first I did have a Black one a few years back but lost a fight with a corner on a country lane and ended her life prematurely.

Anyway if anyone's based in the the North West or nearby feel free to say hello.

Tara for now


Hello mate welcome onto the site. Get some pics up if you get a chance.

I do a bit of work in Wrexham every few months so will keep my eyes peeled.

What's the spec of the car?


french connection
french connection
welcome here mate!!!


Welcome to the forum ... any specs and pics ?

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johnny gtir

Welcome to the site glad to hear you use it daily


Welcome aboard  Smile 


Welcome fella

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hi and welcome to the forum buddy  Cool 

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Welcome pal Smile


the one star club
the one star club
Hi, what's he spec, I to would like to get the 400 mark so will be interesting to see what your running/plans are!  Very Happy 


welcome mate


Thanks for the welcome!

I can't get any pics up till I get home in a few weeks but this is the current spec...

Lightened Flywheel,
Organic Clutch,
Short Shift,
Walbro Pump,
3'' Exhaust System from the elbow back no cat, but with 2 freeish flowing silencers at the back to keep the noise within trackday limits,
HKS Mushroom filter,
HKS Dump valve,
HKS EVC5, (1 bar)
Nismo suspension option,
Upgraded leads, hoses etc...

On the last dyno run it was 300...

I have no way of knowing if it's had forged anything but it's only jus hit 65000 miles and apparently doesn't sound to sloppy...

I've now got some 720 denso injectors and am looking for a suitable fuel rail. But it's decision time which way to go. Rebuild it now or rebuild it after I've played around with the mapping.

I'd like to think I'll get to 350 with these limited mods through the summer.

Then I think the winter will hold a gearbox and engine build ready for the next level.

But I really do want to attempt to keep it reliablish if that's anywhere near possible.

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