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Melbourne Time Attack Build

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1 Melbourne Time Attack Build on 5th April 2014, 12:44 am


Hey Guys,
Im Nick from Melbourne, Australia, im 21 and for some of you this could be your average GTiR build. But here goes...

I picked my 1993 RA GTiR about 6 months ago with 192,000KM for a bargain at $2500 AUD it was missing a front bar, VERY dirty inside and out...
Came with a Nardi Steering wheel, Boost Gauge, Lowered springs and with 15' N15 SSS wheels, also OEM TV Antenna (which is for sale atm)

I proceeded to replace the leaky exhaust gaskets, fit braided lines, got a front bar and polished it. I then drove it around as is for about 3-4 months and did a total of about 700KMS of driving (was a weekend car)

Here's how i found it...

After giving it a good detail it turned into this...

About 2 months ago i came across a killer deal, someone in Australia was selling a fully built engine (that was still at the engine builders) for a price i couldnt turn down...
A bluebird SR20DET which included...

Forged pistons 8:5:1 & forged rods
Fully balanced bottom end
Big port and polish
Arp bolts and studs
Cosmetic head gasket
3' Dump and front pipe all the way through (AM Performance)
Custom manifold (AM Performance)
Jim wolf billet fuel rail
Braided turbo lines
875cc ethanol rated injectors.
Race Bearings

E85 System

AM Performance manifold, dump and front pipe, also the GT2876r

And will come with full build sheet, so i may of missed a few things.

I have now decided to turn the car into a dedicated track car, so registration is cancelled so is insurance... While awaiting the engine to to come (hopefully in a few weeks) car interior has been stripped (Have alot of interior bits for sale), cut and shut both rear quarters cos of the rust. Ive also picked up, a Cat back AM performance exhaust, (i now have a AM Performance system from Manifold all the way through), a gearbox brace, a custom rear gear billet solid shifter mount and a custom air diversion plate also a battery relocation is in progress.

As far as future plans go so far im thinking of a Haltech 1000 ECU system tuned to E85, Some nice 8' wide wheels, A fresh paint job, Coilovers, every bush under the car replaced, brake upgrade, Sway bar upgrades, dry cell battery, a switch panel (ignition, fuel, etc), race seats, 4 point harness, acrylic windows, sheet metal door trims, oil cooler kit + oil filter relocation, FMIC, double row valve springs + titanium retainers, new valve stem seals, Stage 3 cams, full under car paint restoration and possibly a few others along the way, it is a ongoing project and as some of you may know a never ending one.

Watch this space for progress!


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2 Re: Melbourne Time Attack Build on 5th April 2014, 4:44 pm


the two star club
the two star club
All sounds very well thought out mate. What did you pay for the engine?

3 Re: Melbourne Time Attack Build on 7th April 2014, 8:12 am


Thanks! I paid for all of the stuff listed $3000 AUD he has $6000 in receipts. Im still patiently waiting for just over 2 months, theirs been a delay at the machinist hopefully another week or two.

How it looks at the moment... I pulled the dash off and took all the AC gear out and heater box, just cleaning up the wiring, also ran my battery relocation kit from a 3 series BMW. Got a longggg way to go, but pretty motivated so shouldn't take to long.

4 Re: Melbourne Time Attack Build on 8th April 2014, 10:17 pm


Looks awesome cant wait to see this project come together .... will you be keeping the stock colour cor the respray ....

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5 Re: Melbourne Time Attack Build on 8th April 2014, 10:30 pm


They look like rb26 injectors

Good luck with the build nick, should be awesome

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6 Re: Melbourne Time Attack Build on 9th April 2014, 12:55 am


@nomad wrote:Looks awesome cant wait to see this project come together .... will you be keeping the stock colour cor the respray ....
Yeh me to! Its a budget build in SOME aspects, wont be cheaping out on some bits, but at this stage i may just Plastidip it black myself and it would only cost $700 or so, ive seen a few matte black GTiRs they look reasonably schmick!

@GTI-R US wrote:They look like rb26 injectors

Good luck with the build nick, should be awesome
Thanks, If i remember correctly im positive there 800CC Top feed injectors, ive never installed a top feed rail so should be interesting!

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