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Running crap over fuelling idle crazy losing my mind...

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My car has been progressively getting worse over the past 6 months but the past two days has been so terrible to the point i thought i might not make it home... symptoms as follows:

- Main thing I can be sure of is over fuelling, the spark plugs are always getting black and the exhaust stinks of fuel...
- From cold, idle sometimes fine or sometimes wobbly all over the place. Doesn’t matter if it's a nice day or chucking it down with rain I’ve witnessed all...
- once up to temperature sometimes idle 900-1000rpm which I’m generally happy with and the engine feels smooth, but sometimes up to temperature the idle is like 1300rpm.
- most recently the cold idle wobbles from 500-1400rpm regularly, nearly stalling out to revving up and down, maybe the sudden surge is ECU to compensate for nearly stalling...?
- Spark plugs are constantly turning black over fuelling like this:
- Yes I do change them, I use ngk-bkr8es gapped at 0.7mm.
- no fault codes and when I hook up datascan on the laptop I must admit I’m not 100% sure what things should say so nothing stands out to me, someone else may say otherwise if they looked...
- The smell of fuel coming out the exhaust has got to the point that it smells like a petrol station!
- once up to temp and been driving a bit the idle settles down, but still wobbly between 900-1200rpm rather than 500-1400rpm
- When I put my foot down it pulls well, smooth acceleration, feels as powerful as ever. If i drive like i stole it all seems well. if i drive carefully dealing with rush hour it's terrible.
- if I hold a steady road speed at any RPM in any gear then the car freaks out, not always as bad each day but you feel a wobbly wave of power in general. Sometimes when it's behaving really badly it coughs and splutters on steady throttle and road speed.

Things I’ve done:

- changed ALL vacuum pipes I think...
- changed spark plugs. all equally black (Every couple of months I check and they are black, maybe every few days they would be the same)
- New rotor arm dizzy cap (probably no point as the old one looks clean and it's less than 15000 miles old)
- New spark plug leads + coil leads
- Different MAF admittedly not a new one so it is possible that both are fooked! (I have taken them apart and delicately cleaned the sensors with acetone)
- When the engine is running I’ve grabbed various pipes and wires and given them a shake, nothing seems to make things better or worse...
- I’ve tried idle screw all the way in and a few turns out, no difference once up to temperature.
- changed dump valve for recirc one. (both baileys)

What do i do next? (luckily i pick up a spare car tomorrow, 1988 celica convertible, so pulsar goes in garage for fixing, i was getting the celica to paint the pulsar in my spare time but now fixing it is first...)

- pull all this shite apart:
- find a MAF that definitely works? Or re-earth my wiring...
- change lambda sensor? Does this make a big difference at temperature?
- fuel pump/regulator?
- coil
- ignition amp
- it's over due an oil change but doubt that causes such crazyness
- push it off a cliff and claim it was stolen?

Does anyone have any great words of wisdom here?

Many thanks!


johnny gtir

Maf would be top on my list I know you have tried wiggling wires check the plug to the maf closely as they can have break in the wire or snap. second would be bad boost leak all intercooler pipes ok ?


If its overfueling to much i would also check the oil make sure its not full of petrol ...

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