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Tube bender

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1 Tube bender on 11th December 2014, 1:52 am


Anyone used tube benders before? I need to bend up some 1/2 fuel lines. I was thinking about something like this. I need to make some tighter bends though so not sure how this one would work out. Any other tips/ tricks I should keep in mind?

2 Re: Tube bender on 11th December 2014, 8:04 am


You're on the right track, only issue I've had with bending is the pipe loses diameter on the bend, I wasn't 100% if it would've been fine but for £25 I got a pro to do it right and I fitted everything. I didn't want to buy pre bends and then have 100 joints in my system then one leaking.
It was likely due to my own incompetence in artistic things. I'm useless when something needs crafting.

Be mindful of the material you're using, stainless is expensive and it's a one shot deal to make a bend.

Also, make sure your flares are perfect and seal well before you put everything on the car!

3 Re: Tube bender on 11th December 2014, 9:54 am


if you want a perfect seal which you can undo and reused are swageloc fittings but they are expendsive but well worth it if you want to guarantee no leaks.

4 Re: Tube bender on 11th December 2014, 10:53 am


Thanks lads, I'm using hardline to AN adapters. Just running one continuous hardline so just need to sort the bends out. I've used a different type of tube bender on smaller lines before, there's a little bit of skill involved in getting the bends in the right position and angle etc.

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