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The wife's in trouble

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26 Re: The wife's in trouble on 21st January 2015, 11:21 am


Lol my Pulsar got me in trouble once with an ex, I hit a pheasant in it when going to drop her off at her house. It was like I had hit a child she went absolutely balistic soon sacked her off bloody tree hugger. Nothing better to oil your intercool.

Party Pete I took your Pulsar to wales the one day and going out of Shrewsbury at about 70 a poor cat run out of a bush and hit the bumper. Unfortunately the actual bumper flew off too so I had to limp back to a garage to get some cable ties. The cat flew about 30ft into the air over the other side of the hedge. Its an animal killer that car!

27 Re: The wife's in trouble on 21st January 2015, 11:25 am


the one star club
the one star club
That will explain all the cat fur and crusty gubbins behind the bumper when I took it off the other day Razz ! Iv lost a couple girls over cars! But turbos before ho's and all that!

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