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Car won't start

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1 Car won't start on 22nd January 2015, 12:22 am


My mate that bought my car off me floored it when I said not to and a coupling on the z32 popped off ( z32 is on a blow by set up).
He then coasted to a stop, refit the coupling but the car was a bit flooded so was running rough but continued to drive it coughing and spluttering for about a mile or 2 and nothing changed. He called and I told him to stop and turn it off.

So we got it back, got rid of the un burnt fuel, changed the plugs, changed the oil as fuel got into it so it got bore washed a bit, changed the leads, checked the spark and fuel getting to the cylinders and all is fine.

A compression test showed 180 on 2 cylinders and 160 on the other 2.

I've changed the z32 sard 700s and mapped ecu for standard parts but no differnt so have put the z32, 700s and mapped ecu back in. All vac and boost pipes are fine.

It's turning over, nearly half a tank of vpower and enough juice in the battery but it's not even trying to start, no coughing or spluttering, it just won't fire at all.

Has anyone else got any other ideas please? I'm a bit stumped!


2 Re: Car won't start on 1st February 2015, 4:21 pm


web admin
web admin
sounds like my issue which was fuel pump related but might not be if your getting fuel

3 Re: Car won't start on 2nd February 2015, 7:12 am


Sorted this out now, was looking in the wrong areas, was told he was only doing 4k revs and the boost pope popped off but 2 shims had snapped!

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