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Bob do you know this car?

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1 Bob do you know this car? on 13th February 2015, 4:16 pm

Andy Sunny Gti

Sound right up my street..

2 Re: Bob do you know this car? on 13th February 2015, 4:25 pm


the one star club
the one star club
Me and a friend have been looking at this car, looks clean and a decent build...however, why go to all that trouble and expense of an engine build and then not have it mapped? He wants decent money as well for a car that if you go to have a look you won't be able to give it any stick as it's not mapped! Seems a little odd, I wouldn't buy a performance car that you wouldn't actually be able to test and make sure it performs as it should...if that makes Sence?

3 Re: Bob do you know this car? on 13th February 2015, 6:35 pm


That's the bloke who brought a lot of stuff of the grey car I scrapped... It's a good solid car.. Believe he has just finished building it.!!

Seemed to know a bit of knowledge of these cars..

4 Re: Bob do you know this car? on 14th February 2015, 12:12 am


Im sure i posted this pic up for someone on here ????

"Official post whore" and all round superhero....

5 Re: Bob do you know this car? on 14th February 2015, 12:38 pm


yes i know of the car but never actually seen it.

just like to point out that we never built the engine as ads a little misleading unless read properly.
we supplied a good stock engine that bel wanted to rebuild himself
i will say however that he has reasonably good knowledge with regard to engine building as he built a lump previously for an sti which i drove and the build seemed to be very good and car made good power.
He asked for my advice during the build with certain aspects and seems to be a guy who likes things to be right so i would probably trust that its been built to a good standard

thats as much as i can tell you really so up to people to have a look and carry out all the apropiate checks and so forth

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