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Think I may have solved my pesky misfire!!

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1 Think I may have solved my pesky misfire!! on 18th April 2015, 10:06 am


the one star club
the one star club
For as long as I can remember now my car has had a slight misfire at partial throttle around the 2-3krpm range. I have tried all sorts to track down or remedy the issue with no joy, the only thing that seemed to make any difference at all was the plug gap, it misfired less with a larger gap. I kind of just gave up with it and forgot it was there as its never present whilst driving and I couldn't find the cause of it so just chose to ignor it

Anyway.. A few days ago I noticed oil on my thermostat housing :/ the oil have come from inside the distributer and started to leak from the dizzy cap! I'm guessing all that oil in the distributor must be effecting the spark hence the missfire.

The good thing is I have a spare dizzy, the bad thing is the rotor arm is seizd on said spare dizzy and I can't get the damn thing off lol

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