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Gtir Motorsport club » General Discusion » Random banter » anyone had an audi 2.5 v6 tdi 180bhp quattro a 4 ??

anyone had an audi 2.5 v6 tdi 180bhp quattro a 4 ??

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Well where to start ... i bought a bullshit audi to save money and be reliable for work since owning it i have put 1800 euros into it .. i paid 2500 for it ... and its not reliable wish i put all tha money in the R now .. Sad

any way car wont accelerate shuts off at 2.5/ 3 thousands revs and theres no go in it wat could it be fella's ????

thanks sam


Could be a few things Sam
If you can get an obd2 and plug it into diagnostics and pull up a code I've got relevant test data so will tell you what it is and how to test that curcuit or sensor

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Maf map turbo or just simple boost leak... Like Bob said without scanner you won't do much. Just make sure that all vacuum pipes are not split etc



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I've got one .. biggest piece of shit ice ever owned. ..

Common fault is egr pipe splitting


ive put code reader on it wont find anything , and on the internet it says that its normal has to be vagcom diag or it wont work ... and egr has been blanked off .. fucking doing my head in as i bought it for the price of a RHD one yet its LHD with work needing doing to it bought all the parts to put on it and now it dont run properly .. pissed off tbh as i want to sell it for a profit to fix the R ... so bob be prepared once its fixed and sold i have a rather big list coming your way lol

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