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is this anyones on here ? REG J56 KHY ?

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1 is this anyones on here ? REG J56 KHY ? on 14th June 2015, 12:48 pm


Hi peeps

as title says saw this in limoges (france) and wonderd if owner is on here?

 photo 11391756_844836638933381_1786614819877399768_n_zpshhxly8wd.jpg

 photo 11237225_844836595600052_6364215582336653811_n_zpsfdd9vqao.jpg

2 Re: is this anyones on here ? REG J56 KHY ? on 22nd July 2018, 9:47 pm


Hi Pulsarmad20, I just happened to google my number plate to see what came up and low and behold, I found this! This is my baby!! I was living in Chalus for a couple of years but back in the UK with the pulsar now. Currently got the engine out and treating her to RooseMotorsport hoses and pipes all around, OE Black Very Happy and a stage 4 Competiton Clutch. All in prep for a map, Still need ECU and injectors though.
I don't suppose you know a northern guy with an EVO?

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