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The reason I missed part two of the meet

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26 Re: The reason I missed part two of the meet on 22nd July 2015, 1:44 am


Congrats to Laura thumbsup
got a lot of respect for nurses and the shit they have to put up with (and clean up) so well done to the girl for sticking at it

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27 Re: The reason I missed part two of the meet on 22nd July 2015, 7:11 am


I always thought that's what drifting was, then you can just pop in to mcd's which is usually next door!! Yep, I always describe it to people by saying it's similar to a popular plus fiesta!!
U forgot to mention that all drift spec means it's it had over inflated bald tyres Pete!!
Haha Si, Rubbish GTR! And I know, sorry pal, we spent the last part of the day waiting for not a lot at the end, if we'd have known, we had time for a blast out then! Deffo need to get you out in it though with all the organising you do for everyone! Smile......... Track Day!???
Looks like no Sleep for Bob again posting at that time!

28 Re: The reason I missed part two of the meet on 22nd July 2015, 7:40 am


Yeah sounds like a right shit day Sad lol but I missed it for a good cause Smile and thank you to everyone who's gave her praise Very Happy she will love that, at the end of the day watching my princess on that stage outweighs any fun I could've had at the meet, she does make me proud bless her even if I do want to strangle her half the time hahaha

29 Re: The reason I missed part two of the meet on 22nd July 2015, 11:46 am


Joking aside, you both make a good couple and it's good that you do and go to things with her, just like she does for you! So again, congrats on her graduating, and good luck strangling each other the other half of the time!! Smile

30 Re: The reason I missed part two of the meet on 23rd July 2015, 5:52 pm


Events Organiser
Events Organiser
Lol Bob doesn't sleep now he stays up thinking about what noise llama make when having sex lmafo

Yeah I was gutted we missed out on the drifting but never mind there is always next time!!! No problem arranging the meets buddy it's all been well worth while. You are all a great bunch of chaps and it would not be possible without you all Very Happy

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