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1/4 mile times

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26 Re: 1/4 mile times on 14th October 2015, 5:51 pm


Shocking!! I wouldn't mind a,poor time like that... What should you be hitting?

27 Re: 1/4 mile times on 14th October 2015, 7:06 pm


with the power the Gtr is running it should be low 10s

but to be fair I had Clares bags and stuff in the boot plus a wheel & tools, plus Lee as a passenger then my porky ass sat in it lol.
I had to run the car with traction totally off or it brought the management light up so need to plug her in to see whats occurring, seems to be a map conflict with car and gearbox ecu.
Coupled with the knackered tyres it made launching her a real problem as could get no grip off the line so in the finish I just pulled away normally as launching was clearly no good.

Not taking anything away from Chris's pulsar though, he drove it like there was no tomorrow and its the quickest one ive ever seen run the 1/4 mile, he was hell bent on trying to beat me and fair play on the day it was a closely run thing but if I ever do this again I will not underestimate him nor his car, although I thought it would be fairly close with his previous time he ran.

One things for sure though........if I was going to get beat then would rather it be a pulsar that beat me  Cool
At the end of the day it comes down to power to weight and based on Sunday he had a better power to weight ratio, it was the super fast gtr gear change that got him as no matter how fast you can change gear you cant compete with the gtr gearchange
I would say that it would take a 500+bhp pulsar to beat a well driven Gtr but im sure Chris will come back at me next year but il be ready next time  Laughing

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28 Re: 1/4 mile times on 14th October 2015, 9:09 pm


hehe, made me chuckle that little write up. It's just the competitive spirit that we both possess that makes it fun! I think that's also what makes us good mates!! Very Happy  I gave the little R all it had, it's good to hear you were impressed with it pal, and that it's the only thing you was happy to lose a run to, I'll take that!
You should be in the 10's really with the power it produces, sort out the few little niggly problems with yours, tractions obviously a big thing, then get rid of the extra weight in the car that's not needed, and you'll be laughing!  Twisted Evil
And LOL, you know it....... more power coming soon, although I much prefer track days to drag racing!! I was happy it didn't blow up on the first run after how weird and knocky it decided to sound, it was quite worrying that! And your face and reaction was funny when I said I'll just give it one run and see how it goes, it seemed you were surprised at my lack of worry about destroying it I believe!! Shocked

29 Re: 1/4 mile times on 16th October 2015, 8:09 pm

Girl racer

Very impressed with your car Chris, that's one quick Pulsar Smile Smile

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