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USA guy #2

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1 USA guy #2 on 25th October 2015, 3:11 pm


Hi just came across this site trying to hunt down some parts. Not sure what year my gtir is but I took a glance at the vin and it's like 36xx. Car came from Canada, friend bought it from some guy close to the border on the US side for cheap with a blown head gasket and awful mods. Wanted to make it into a track car, and stripped the interior, then Swapped engines to try and bring everything under the bay back to stock.
Well plans fell thru and now I have the car. And I've been slowly... Super slowly working on it and kind of gathering parts. Haha this isn't the only project I have, so whenever I'm in between cars I look thru and tinker with the pulsar.

Right now I'm tearing down and building up a 73 Datsun 610 (180B) and I'm almost done with the first part of tearing it down and prepping it for paint so I'll be making some time to get the pulsar running and drive able.

Looking for good front axles right now, so if anyone in WA preferably near Seattle has some hit me please. Was thinking about getting the ones I have now rebuilt but wasn't sure if the bearings and cage in the cv would be available here.

2 Re: USA guy #2 on 25th October 2015, 4:31 pm

johnny gtir

Welcome to the forum if you find the time some pictures of your projects would be good. If you get stuck for parts bob gtirus on here will have them.

3 Re: USA guy #2 on 25th October 2015, 7:08 pm


Hi and welcome Smile is Bobs gtir specific site Wink

Back againTwisted Evil

4 Re: USA guy #2 on 25th October 2015, 7:29 pm


I'm working with a phone right night so I'll have to get pictures up later. Sent bob a email

5 Re: USA guy #2 on 25th October 2015, 8:13 pm


Welcome to the forum mate. Plenty of info and helpful people here so just ask away Smile would love to see pics of the Datsun aswell .

6 VIN number on 31st October 2015, 10:32 pm


WTFaNG wrote:\Not sure what year my gtir is but I took a glance at the vin and it's like 36xx. \

Welcome to the forum and good luck with all your mods.

Could you PM me your complete VIN so that I can get it onto the database being build of all know GTI-R's.
Any information of length of ownership and previous owners would also be helpful, ie, when you bought it, who in Canada owned it before you, if you know etc.

thanks, gaz

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