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Shims tappets, feeler blade fix ?

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26 Re: Shims tappets, feeler blade fix ? on 2nd March 2016, 8:42 pm

Mr B

gtir technician
gtir technician
I used old moore & wright hardened tempered gauge blades just not 2 bucks fleamarket ebay china monkey metal ones, any decent western brand matching above will do, tips had seen better days plus had full range of sizes making potentially easier get spot on clearance range so decided use them for reshiming standard shim caps, works quite well as long don't need go silly thin on insert sizes. I've done a couple like this mainly as low cost quick solution & does work really well if done with care, I set gaps between 0.08 & 0.1 which allows a little bedding in loss of new shim disc inserts. One of my cars on this method has done almost 9,000 miles & has 8k rev limit & never had issue plus clearance has maintained well. When this engine gets proper money make over then it will get new set of proper shims but this method is real world usable & had quite a bit of use in US, Canada & Malaysia.

27 Re: Shims tappets, feeler blade fix ? on 9th March 2016, 11:22 am


Measure the clearance from rocker pad to cam using 2 gauges either side to stop it rocking. No need to modify a bunch of blades and risk throwing measurements off with burrs.

@Cosmic73 wrote:in GTIR heads, half the shims are slotted, and you need a modified feeler to inspect the gap; Very Happy

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