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Holiday to Far East (Jap Land) great experience

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Andy Sunny Gti

Andy Sunny Gti
Came back last week from Far East, the stuff out there is rare, well looked after and clean.
The Pulsar world is slowly dying but a few enthusiast still hang about.
I met an Internet pal over there and have a shed load of Pulsar/ Gti-r related items.
Loads I will not sell as not putting a value, others will offer on here and other sites.

I will also be looking to import the Pulsar myself.
It's not as hard as you think as it can be done if you know the right sources.

I am happy to share my knowledge/ information, and pictures as I go along.

Loved it.
Auctions out there are mad crazy.

If you haven't been, you are missing out.
Take 2 empty suitcase and load them up lol...

Vietnam/ Thailand/ Japan

You can easily get holidays booked with tour guides who speak English and Asian.

Just pm me or chat on here to share knowledge and experience.

Andy Sunny Gti

Andy Sunny Gti
This is not for sale so please don't pm me about it, well not for a long time anyway.

Just wanted to show you this.
An 82page mag which includes the gtir brochure, all about the Pulsar, development, options, cars, spec, design.


Holiday to Far East (Jap Land) great experience Image17


Sounds like you had a great time over there Andy Smile
Looking forward to your pictures and story of your time there Smile

Did you get to see any of the car night life? Any pictures to share?

We're there many gtir for sale or are they really thin on the ground?
What knowledge do they have that we don't know about? Theres so much that we don't know because they were pretty rare over here when in production..
Would be ace to hear their views and knowledge of the gtir.
Is there a second hand market for parts out there like there is over here?
Did you hear any stories of optional extras being for sale on certain site over there or new old stock?

I would love to go to Japan one day.

Back againTwisted Evil

Andy Sunny Gti

Andy Sunny Gti
There are still lots of Gti-r's going through auction in Japan.
But I will only be after a grade 3 or above.
A lot of private garages that sell them.
But if you are not there physically you will never know.

This car below went for £3245, extra £800 landed.
And that was the expensive one.
Rest much cheaper and still in good nick.
Holiday to Far East (Jap Land) great experience Image18

I also have a chat on a jap pulsar gtir via translation from the pen pal.


the one star club
the one star club
That's looks so smart on those wheels ^, I'd love to go one day, i was speaking to a guy a couple months ago that imports them and he even said its not hard, you just have to have someone trust worthy over there to pick the cars and check over them

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
You guys are lucky in uk as importing is really easy if look into it a little, main hassle is finding good car as buying for yourself is different game compared to import dealer for resale as you going want better examples of grade 4 really & even more so if not able view yourself & using agent, good thing is auction report sheets are very accurate so you got less risk compared to many other country auctions. You'll get a far better almost standard car for your money from Japan than will in uk . Hope you had good holiday, Japan is an amazing place and not just for cars.


Sounds like you had an awesome experience mate. I think the car culture would be incredible to experience over there. I've always wondered what's it's like on the road over there, what we call rare is seen daily over there.

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