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Torque steer

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1 Torque steer on 19th March 2016, 8:21 am


I have some torque steer happening on / off throttle , what's the most common cause ? Bushes in lower arms ? Eng mounts , shock mounts ? Seems too harsh to be just tyre pressures related and tyres are new .
Currently on spacers due wheel offset /brake clearance , but new wheels /tyres coming on Monday with much better offset , have people had offset and torque steer issues ?

2 Re: Torque steer on 19th March 2016, 8:25 am


What spacers are you running ???

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3 Re: Torque steer on 19th March 2016, 8:53 am


20mm spacers front

4 Re: Torque steer on 19th March 2016, 8:56 am


200mm on the front and no spacers on the rear mate?

5 Re: Torque steer on 19th March 2016, 10:02 am


Yes - it's a sad tale of woe - fitted larger calipers up front , original perfect fit wheels would not fit , new set of cheap wheels 17 - got as a temporary measure - needed spacers , spacers fitted .....
Car not used much - due power increases pending .......
Power increases done .... Not happy with ride , tracking alignments done , and complete bush replacement pending , meanwhile noticed a pronounced pull right , seems to be increasing ......
So I suspect a bush has failed but compounded by the pikey wheels/spacers that I've fitted .
I have never had a car that has had as many issues as this one , as fast as I fix one , another one appears , the more I look the more I'm finding .
I got a complete second pulsar to use for spares as its easier to pull parts off - refurb and fit, than getting parts one by one with waiting time .
I'm trying to keep car as a running project , improving as I go , rather than a garage job taking weeks , as these sometimes become never ending , and you end up sorting things for a second or third time ,due not in use .
Hence just looking for a common problem and quick fix , pending complete refurb of everything ,part by part .
I will jack the car later today and have a look around for the obvious things .
I've also come to the conclusion the previous owner of the car , was in fact a twat !

6 Re: Torque steer on 19th March 2016, 10:06 am


Sorry mate, meant to say 20mm not 200mm, id like to see 200mm spacers though Laughing I dare say that the offset difference wouldn't be helping your problems buddy

7 Re: Torque steer on 19th March 2016, 11:34 am

Mr B

gtir technician
gtir technician
i've never noticed issues from quite a wide range of offsets used over the years.
I would be looking at track arms, struts & all related bushes along with engine/gearbox mount condition too. anything slightly bent will give these symptoms too, also camber & castor needs looking at & seeing how they compare left to right.  What front diff is in it ? standard open ! what condition are front driveshafts/support bearing in !
17" rims are not great on average roads & certainly don't do R handling any favors generally .
A twat of a previous owner makes it hard slog as just about anything possible could be wrong even in areas of new parts/money spent so becomes a task of assume nothing & check everything  :-S

8 Re: Torque steer on 19th March 2016, 11:41 am


Seeing as your car has an unknown Quaife box fitted Adam its highly possible that you have a plated centre diff fitted, you may also have a plated diff fitted in transferbox unknowingly!

Both these things will make a huge difference to the cars handling characteristics in terms of torque steer. Coupled with the large spacers at front & wider track the effects will be amplified to the point where you have to fight the steering under power on a fast bend

We had both fitted on a previous track car of mine but was too much I found for fast road driving and hard work on smaller type race curcuits too so I removed the centre diff and fitted stock so just ran with the one in transfer case which made the car much more pleasurable to drive on road and less hard work on track too...........the front diff alone is enough to counteract most understeer and with your wider track to front it should only improve things.

So if I were you I would first of all look for some wheels with a better offset to minimise spacers and see how you get on with her then.

When I drove car on dyno at our place and test drove it on road I did notice the torque steer but mainly put that down to spacers and alignment but if the latters been done then as said try getting different wheels first off.

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9 Re: Torque steer on 20th March 2016, 7:55 am


Wheels/tyres arrive on Monday , so I will see how it effects things .

"A twat of a previous owner makes it hard slog as just about anything possible could be wrong even in areas of new parts/money spent so becomes a task of assume nothing & check everything :-S"

Exactly this ^^^ - the car was running "too cold" and slow to warm up , 2 thermostats , a radiator , a flush, temp sensor , and new hoses at the back of the engine later .........the guy had fitted some crappy white instrument dials that lit up blue /green .....the temp needle was sticking on the dial intermittently !!
To compound it ,he had cut the original internal lighting wires , so returning to stock instruments and the internal lights didn't work , sorted that and now found loads of other internal lights not working ( heater panel , switches etc ) these all down to the stereo instal .
He also thought while he was at it he would rattle can the dash air vents in silver ?? And break a few mounting tabs , not fit the vent cable support clip , so it fell off behind the dash ....
There goes a weekend fixing his "improvements" ....

10 Re: Torque steer on 20th March 2016, 3:36 pm


Checked all joints - all ok , tyre pressures were ridiculous - set pressures and much much better - offset looks like the main issue and makes tyre pressures critical -
Those deep dish rims may look cool , but they don't work as required !!!

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