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Timing Chain Tensioner

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1 Timing Chain Tensioner on 11th June 2016, 6:55 pm



Is there any advantage or reason for running a fine tooth timing chain tensioner over a standard tensioner?

Saw one listed by Conceptua Tuning, was wondering if this will allow more tension on a used chain?


2 Re: Timing Chain Tensioner on 11th June 2016, 7:30 pm


Tension is determined by the hydraulic pressure so i dont think it would change much, Smile

3 Re: Timing Chain Tensioner on 11th June 2016, 7:52 pm


Ahh right, my current one is slack, not tensioning the chain enough when hand rotating the engine.. so when cranking and engine starting its likely to tension properly then?

In my build thread I mentioned about when I fitted it during the engine rebuild it was fine, just before I dropped the engine in I removed it again to replace the O ring, fitting it is where I got the problem of it not clicking in or holding on the ratchet, causing the chain to droop slightly and stop the engine rotating Shocked Fiddled with it and got it to lock, but not 100% confident its right, so looking to replace with a new one. COnfused of why there is normal toothed and fine...

4 Re: Timing Chain Tensioner on 11th June 2016, 8:06 pm


Yes, once oil pressure is fed in it pushes the tensioner piston out,
The teeth are simply ratchets to prevent the piston from sliding back when the engine is switched off snd pressure reduces.
So on start up theres only a minimum amount of chain whip,
The conceptua teeth would probably be machined from existing tools to save costs, hence the slight change in size,

If its still slack you may at the limits of piston travel and need new pads or chain or both, Neutral

5 Re: Timing Chain Tensioner on 11th June 2016, 8:44 pm

Mr B

gtir technician
gtir technician
Later tensioner such as n1 get used a lot as they have finer ratchet which allows more locking point increments thus reducing chain slack/slap.
ve and n1 has these as standard and if order one from Nissan you will get revised fine tooth one.
Slack issues can be ratchet problem on tensioner or oil pressure at tensioner, worn/stretched chain or worn guides, guides and faulty or dirty tensioner the usual. I always fit new tensioner on a rebuild at the least as they known be troublesome and moving to revised ones is not bad thing to do .

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