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Back on the road after 10 months

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1 Back on the road after 10 months on 3rd July 2016, 8:57 pm


Just got my car back from Bobs on Saturday, after an unplanned rebuild, then new GT2871R turbo, injectors, MAF, Apexi etc, drove back 90 miles in a monsoon, but drove perfectly, still running-in at present but looking forward to some good power when it goes back to Bobs in a few weeks. He did a quick full power run and it made 422BHP, but he has pulled that back for the remainder of the running in. Although it still pulls like a train and I have only used half throttle.
Must just say though that Bob did a great job, have used him a few times for parts but this was the first time for some work, nice to deal with someone who is straight talking, knows his GTIRs and goes the extra mile to help when he can, well pleased. Need to get some miles on it now before the final oil change and MAP, can't wait.

2 Re: Back on the road after 10 months on 3rd July 2016, 9:25 pm


Awesome news, must be a good feeling getting it back up and driving Smile

3 Re: Back on the road after 10 months on 3rd July 2016, 9:37 pm


Gkad to hear its up and running sounds like good power also....

"Official post whore" and all round superhero....

4 Re: Back on the road after 10 months on 4th July 2016, 4:34 am


Awesome good luck am at the same stage too running in before its off to the mapper

5 Re: Back on the road after 10 months on 4th July 2016, 6:45 pm


Cool ^^ looks like i need to copy your setup lol Thats the power i would like

6 Re: Back on the road after 10 months on 4th July 2016, 8:41 pm


More than willing to give out a few details, but I would wait and see what the final mapping run produces.

7 Re: Back on the road after 10 months on 4th July 2016, 11:17 pm


Chuffed that she's all good Chris (so far anyway lol) and always good when customers leave with a smile on their face : )

As said once she has a few miles on her pop back and il
map her at full power then she what it can do.
Similar to the Dutch red car we recently did belonging to Sven, the car makes power so easily and it really does pull hard even at lowered boost level.

From memory going back few years, I really dont remember the older versions of these new generation 2871s pulling as hard, which is also reflected by power they are making on dyno compared to older variety which always were a struggle to get anything over 400hp.  

With the very dubious negative feedback regarding myself and my horrendous service of late it's nice to hear some positives especially from the last 3 Gtir's we have  done which "dare I say" are all so far problem free.

We sold Chris a used forged engine around Xmas (not built by us i might add) which Chris had only just got round to fitting prior to getting car delivered to us for power upgrade and fitting of supporting parts.
However unknown to us at time the car suffered overheating issues and head gasket blew. On removal of the head it was found that cylinder wall on no1 cylinder was damaged so we removed the engine and rebuilt it for him at no charge other than cost of new hg, we re-used  the wossner  pistons, crank etc just basically rehoused the lot in another good honed / checked block.

Now is that the sign of  a low life robbing ****
as I've been called recently by a select few............

Thanks for the honest feedback Chris and see you in a few weeks time ; )

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