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Subjective speed question

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1Subjective speed question Empty Subjective speed question on 21st October 2016, 9:46 pm


now I know all our R's are set up differently and we all have our own view points and this question might evoke some negative comments but hear goes. 

My r is solid and runs well (no loose joints ,bearings ,trim etc does have an open front mount) but when I get to around 80/90mph it does not feel solid and stable and I get quite nervous to go tracks true and has been lowered by a small amount . Is it due to its shite aerodynamic abilities or with age my confidence has dropped.

Driving fast is only ever done on my own on the motorway late at night when no one is around and yes it's not big or clever but I would not believe any owner here has never gone above 70!  Next question : has a high speed run ever been done on an airstrip / track in the past if so what sort of speed did it hit

..............over to you

2Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 21st October 2016, 10:35 pm


Events Organiser
Events Organiser
I drive mine every day and I hit 100 mph every day (I mean 71 lol) and car feels stable and panted.
Only driving it over 120 mph gives me bit of worry (fastest I've had it was 140) so straight line is not that of a problem.
It wobbles on tyres though when doing over 90 on long bends but I've got 15 in rims with something like 55 profile.
I've got standard suspension except front koni inserts (massive difference can't wait for rears) and no braces etc...
But I've driven other gtir on BC coils set to max and on 17 in rims and tbh car felt "nervous" and jumpy I dont think I'd push it as hard as mine...


3Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 21st October 2016, 11:23 pm


Is the back end a little higher than the front? It needs to be otherwise when you travel fast the front lifts / back drops and the steering goes light.
My suspension is totally standard but running with 17" wheels and high speed runs feel totally fine

4Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 21st October 2016, 11:36 pm


the two star club
the two star club
I noticed when mine was on the road it didn't feel that planted over 95 ish ..
But is that coz modern cars are so different to the cars from the early 90's and feel so planted at even higher speeds .
Do they just show the pulsar for the classic that it is .

5Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 22nd October 2016, 8:30 am

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
They seem quite good to me up to 120mph
If it not feeling inspiring at 90 something not right .
I found my R better on some tight rough B roads over evo mainly as narrower car and easy hold a chosen line & not worrying at 120 unless raining .
130 to 140+ is more wooly and when you start realizing good brakes, steering & suspension are worth investment .
Good suspension & tight steering is the key paired with sensible size wheel/tyres, inserts on standard struts being about best for real road usage .
I have an old n13 5 door hatch and that thing is proper wooly at 80 and over .

6Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 22nd October 2016, 12:20 pm


After a high speed run this morning it is the fuelling / misfire that keeps me from really going for it hence why I don't have the confidence in driving fast. It will cruise at about 70/75 then it will misfire under a much load at which point I will back off . But on the odd occasion it does not and I can hold a much better speed. So it is a confidence issue. 
My Audi 4.2 A6 sat at very high speed and it felt very stable and I could whisper and still be heard . But that car is not 26 years old and had millions of pounds spent on refining the drivers experience . 

Case closed. 
Grow some balls

7Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 22nd October 2016, 2:16 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
Not confidence as much as tuning or running fault.
sort out your fueling, ignition , mapping or whatever and you'll be happy. If running right 54C power delivery is way better than most newer stuff, especially between 0-120mph range.
Get it looked at as this sort of thing can seriously effect engine health and end up a big bill .

8Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 22nd October 2016, 2:30 pm


You can not compare the gtir with any other road car of today in terms of handling and the way the car feels in terms of inspiring you to give it loads of right foot action.

My old track car (the 1st wide arch one) i had this flat out and managed almost 180mph on the clock which in reality allowing for clock discrepancies of around 10-15% would have been just shy of 160mph but it felt like 260mph> when you compare to a modern day car
For example my GTR can effortlessly can sit at a genuine 180mph (or 212mph flat out if you wish) with no alarming issues or dramas, it feels planted & stable, not like its going to rip apart at any given moment  Laughing  

The design was not built for anything really above 120mph even back then their were far more aerodynamic cars about which were designed for high speed (300zx for one) the gti-r was designed for rallying and the like and certainly not for high speed stability. That in a nutshell is what it boils down to..........
Trying to defy the laws of physics.........and no matter what you do you simply cannot make a house brick aerodynamic so in turn you get the forces of nature literally battering the car from all sides which makes it feel like it will literally shake apart at anything over 120mph.

The nearest thing ive ever driven which can give you the same fear but excitement at the same time is my TVR, that's not because its not aerodynamic but because it was built by some herbert in a Blackpool factory using parts from whatever they could find at the time (such as a washing machine drum to motor belt) was found to be same size as alternator spacing, so they thought they would use that.
Another is the wiper motor which was derived from an old skool mini which never worked properly on a mini at 50mph in the rain so how the hell could they expect it to work on a 160-180mph sports car scratch  

But the overall factor remains the same with both these cars and the key word is 'EXCITING' maybe not in a good way but none the less, you go for a blat in something like this and when you arrive you thank your lucky stars your still alive and all limbs are functioning as they should.
They are Brutal, Raw with shed loads of Power and you simply cant beat the feeling that gives when you take things to the edge! which is far better than sex lol sheep shag

Fuelling & misfire issue needs to be sorted Dan 'now everything else has been done' so date should still be good with me but will confirm Monday fella!

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9Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 22nd October 2016, 6:39 pm

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
You lot are either spoiling your selfs with high end motors or getting old or your cars need attention. Don't get me wrong wind noise as door prizes open at the top but feels fine at 140 but it scares the shit out of me on the tight twisty's but I feel a lot safer at high speed

Try driving my wr450 with knobbly tyres on the road at 60 mph up that is unsteady

10Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 22nd October 2016, 7:11 pm


Yes I think I have like the rest of society gotten a custom to things being "fast , instant and refined " if that makes sense . My wife's a3 diesel 25 years ago would have been classed as a fast car but by today's standards it's not. 
We love these cars not for just the speed value if it was the case we would be moving into the world of bikes , but more for what they mean to us from a nostalgic perspective ( also they look cool too) .
So when mine is tuned I will get some time at bruntingthope runway and face my demons and see what  it will do.

11Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 24th October 2016, 6:29 pm

Moss Ali

I've taken mine to about 120 and it felt absolutely fine. Only issue was the drag was quite pronounced, but I swapped my cheesegrater for a reverse vent so it's almost like a smooth bonnet now and this made a noticeable difference.

But on the twistys the rear end is skittish and slidy, and I dare not push it in the wet after it almost spun out on me once at only 30-40 mph! Lol my cousin was perfectly happy to floor his notoriously tail happy C63 AMG when it was chucking it and I was shitting to do the same in my 4WD! To be fair the shocks were gone, but even after I swapped them for Tein super streets and there has been an improvement, my 2006 Clio is still more confidence inspiring! Going to soften the dampers a bit and add more front and rear camber. Maybe this will settle it. The tyres may also be a factor. Don't really know at this point

12Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 24th October 2016, 6:50 pm

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
Set up is everything. A lot of R owners say the car is this and that but only use it at weekends or less. Then that and push a 300bhp plus car on twistys and think it's poor handling don't realise it's fast and even slow speeds there not used to the handling characteristics
Tein are very stottie good on track but not the best on bumpy or uk roads
I thought my first R was crap (tyres make a lot of difference)
Wheel size
Bushes I find people run old ones that are shot then go super stiff poly bushes both not best idea
Good 4 wheel alignment helps

13Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 8th February 2017, 11:42 pm


I think given the original car design was a hatchback to go to the shops in ,its not surprising high speed stability is rubbish , im lucky I have a few Japanese cars to compare , they are all GT type cars and designed for high speed cruising ,the difference is night and day .
The wind noise difference is massive , the best I have for stability is the Mitsubishi GTO,its amazing ,quick lane changes at 160 plus is no drama at all ,but it does weigh about as much as a tank!
Im just trying to imagine a pulsar at 160 and a 32 ton truck going past the other way at 90 , 1 meter away !!!!!!

14Subjective speed question Empty Re: Subjective speed question on 17th February 2017, 2:53 pm


Try holding a brick flat out of the window at 80
That's the best way I can describe how most 90s cars handle aero

Also, mine feels fine at 120 but I know what you mean.
It's probably a setup issue on your vehicle, I'd get it's height all checked out and geometry checked.

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