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Helloooo from sunshine pulsar

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26 Re: Helloooo from sunshine pulsar on 9th November 2016, 8:50 pm


Cobra looks very tasty ... did you buy it as a kit ???

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27 Re: Helloooo from sunshine pulsar on 9th November 2016, 9:31 pm


@nomad wrote:Cobra looks very tasty ... did you buy it as a kit ???

nope, dax de dion self built over 3 years. Mrs is pretty handy and did interior, dash and electrics. I did wimp out a little bit though and bought the engine already built, 383 c.i. (6.3L) stroker small block chevy. 420hp and about 430lb.ft torque, great big holley double pumper carb, single plane intake and a ridiculous cam with enormous overlap Twisted Evil When I spec'd the engine I was a bit naive and just wanted as much power as I could afford without realising exactly what I was buying. The ridiculous cam totally dominates the character of the engine and you can feel it protesting when chugging along slowly. The car is waaaaay beyond my skill to drive properly and is constantly trying to find new and ingenious ways to kill everyone within half a mile radius.... e.g. surprise wheelspin in 4th from 1800rpm if the road isn't perfectly straight or dry. The side pipes are practically open/straight through with very little baffling so its quite loud, originally it was 116dB at idle (!) checked with pukka calibrated bruel & kaer spl meter borrowed from work, using the proper 45 degree 0.5m standard test. Now I do like a noisy car but that was just obscene. It's a bit quieter now, only 103dB at idle.

I absolutely love it Very Happy.

28 Re: Helloooo from sunshine pulsar on 9th November 2016, 11:24 pm


What a weapon, sounds like a mean as hell car. I'd love to own something like that.

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