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what's the most power I could expect from 555cc injectors

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the two star club
the two star club
Going to see bob in a few weeks and the only thing I can see that will stop my gtir from making 400+bhp is the injectors .

Running 555cc injectors from an evo 6

So does anyone know what the most power anyone could or had gotten from that size ?

Just out of curiosity really .

Hoping bob el have done bigger ones in Stock


Remember that the stock fuel pressur regulator will raise fuel pressure in a 1:1 ratio with the boost. For every psi of boost above ambient pressure the FPR will add 1 psi of fuel pressure.

If you are running 14psi of boost, your fuel pressure at WOT (wide open throttle) will be 43.5 + 14psi = 57.5psi. This is why you should not raise your base WOT fuel pressure above 4 bar. @ 4bar base fuel pressure and 14psi you will be running 58psi + 14psi = 72psi of fuel pressure @ WOT. This is why its important to find the right sized injector. I garuntee any stock rubber hose will be a bit stressed at this pressure and your fuel pump will be hard pressed to keep that pressure. Also your injectors may stick because the valve cant over come that high a fuel pressure.

444cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 287bhp
444cc @ 3bar @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 338bhp

555cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 359bhp
555cc @ 3bar @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 422bhp

600cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 388bhp
600cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 457bhp

700cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 453bhp
700cc @ 3bar @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 533bhp

1000cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 647bhp
1000cc @ 3bar @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 761bhp


444cc @ 4bar (513cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 332bhp
444cc @ 4bar (513cc) @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 390bhp

555cc @ 4bar (642cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 415bhp
555cc @ 4bar (642cc) @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 489bhp

600cc @ 4bar (694cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 449bhp
600cc @ 4bar (694cc) @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 528bhp

700cc @ 4bar (810cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 524bhp
700cc @ 4bar (810cc) @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 617bhp

1000cc @ 4bar (1157cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 749bhp
1000cc @ 4bar (1157cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 881bhp

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I had 555ccs in the past and it's all about what you want to do .

Simple analogy. Your car is as strong as its weakest link .
If this is your weakest link then you might get close to 400 but knowing bob he is all about reliability and drive ability. He will take his time to get it right for you .

When it's mapped regardless of the figures there is no doubt you will be happy . BUT you will want more . ......... I do !!!! Then it's about how much money you have so plan carefully !

I'm keen to know how it goes for you.
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the two star club
the two star club
All I want is a car that is safe .. If it's 350 bhp and utterly reliable I'll be happy at that .

But as it made nearly 330bhp on a standard ish turbo I suspect it will make a little more with a Gt2871R strapped to it


I think you will get a car with snappy response and that is a hoot to drive ! I had a R and a Crx with a b18 that both had a 2871/6 ( turbo dynamics md214) these turbos are great for street cars and you will come away a happy man.

I look forward to reading your review.


The info Nomad posted above is all you need to know.
The 3bar fuel pressure is important, especially if you haven't upgraded to 'high pressure' fuel lines.
555cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 359bhp (Ideal and totally reliable).

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
As above as they won't do as much as you think people say close to 400 on stock with adjustable fuel pressure Reg no way for that matter anything below 660 is a waste of time in a pulsar as soon as you move away from standard map in my option from previous mapping sessions inc 2860 2871 3071  nistune and power fc standard req and adjustable

And I say that as I prefer smaller injectors with high spray pattern with no dribble at the lower end. But learnt my lesson fast when you travel and the mapper stops due to injectors not performing.

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