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Restoration Project

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101Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 3rd December 2018, 7:56 am


@gtir_woody wrote:Pretty sure those proportioning valves come in ABS and non-abs ones. When I removed ABS from one of my old pulsars, I swapped to over to a non-abs one.

Doesn't really matter if you keep the ABS version really the only difference between the 2 is looks, both ABS and non-abs prop valves have exactly the same brake bias. I'm still running the OEM valve even though Ive removed the ABS entirely.

102Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 4th December 2018, 8:57 pm


Did you just loop it ryan ?

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103Restoration Project - Page 5 Empty Re: Restoration Project on 3rd April 2019, 9:21 pm


I've been progressing slowly with the rebuild making sure everything goes back together correctly, I
got a bit of time tonight to upload some pictures of the progress.

Sound Proofing installed

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3212

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3210

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3211

Interior reinstallation

The wiring went back ok as everything was still labeled the only challenge I had was sorting out the spiders web of wires from the after market alarm and immobliser I had installed when the car was freshly imported, after re-soldering most of the connections and replacing all the cheap electrical tape with heat shrink it looks a lot more organised.

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3215

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3214

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3213

I when I went to install the steering wheel I realised I couldn't connect it to the steering rack with the rack installed correctly, I'm so glad I hadn't decided to install the engine a quick half an hours work and the steering rack was dropped out of the way and the connected to the steering column and reinstalled.

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3216

Exterior Progress

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3217

Can anyone help in telling where this goes, I've trawled all the pictures of the disassembly and can't identify where it's from.

Restoration Project - Page 5 Img_3218

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