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Restoration Project

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51 Re: Restoration Project on 23rd February 2018, 4:34 pm


@gtir_woody wrote:
@Ryaneg6freak wrote:
@gtir_woody wrote:
@Ryaneg6freak wrote:Acid dipping is fantastic, I'd love to do it but it's very expensive in the USA thanks to the EPA trying to force these companies out of business (over $1500 to have my shell done) and the nearest place that does it is a 14 hour drive away, in Oregon

14 hour drive! Im complaining driving an hour and half to get my engine rebuilt lol

Yea, the USA is rather large lol.  I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and the closest metal dipper is in Eugene Oregon, 14 hours due northwest.  Pretty much sucks.

After watching dudes on YouTube, road tripping looks like so much fun over there though Laughing

Yea, it sometimes is but loses it's luster after awhile.... Laughing

52 Re: Restoration Project on 23rd February 2018, 8:40 pm


Hi mike74 the only bushes that needed the sleeves leaving in were the rear subframe bushes, I was going to fit powerflex ones but on getting the rubber part of the bush out I found the sleeves were rusted through so I ended up pushing them out.    I'm not sure what I'm going to fit as I can't source the sleeves on there own so might end up buying a whiteline set.  Luckly i've got access to a press at work and a 35 ton hydraulic puller/push kit that was designed for heavy plant bolt and bush removal, it breezed through getting them out.  

Its taking a lot of work doing every nut and bolt but I'm getting there and itching to get started on the rebuild........there’s another week before the shell’s back from the acid dippers so I'm waiting in trepidation of what its going to be like when it gets back.

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53 Re: Restoration Project on 24th February 2018, 3:51 pm


Cool, thanks for the info matey, much appreciated! Very Happy

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