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Hot tub

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1 Hot tub on 29th July 2017, 7:47 pm


The wife and I are thinking of getting one of these inflatable hot tubs to see if we like the concept before investing in a "proper" one.

Has anyone got one and any tips / tricks or dos / don't'?
For example... I have been told the 30amp ones are actually cheaper to run as they can use more power when needed so the heating element can do it's job more efficiently

2 Re: Hot tub on 29th July 2017, 9:11 pm


My boss has got one .. a proper fibreglass one with twin pumps I helped build it into the decking when I first started working for him many many years ago since he has owned it he has replaced the pumps twice at 300ish a pop ...we had too run a uprated cable to the fuse box as it zaps a lot of juice so bare that in mind other than that it's pretty easy to install .... I guess the downside is refilling it if your on a water meter ....

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3 Re: Hot tub on 30th July 2017, 2:55 pm

johnny gtir

Do drink alcohol  in it and do as us geordies say smash  her all over in it. ( if she has single friends and they have girly nights in it fair few of us have snap chat and watsapp but not Facebook ha ha)

Ones I have installed do need big power feeds and the owners pay a lot for them but in particular the cover that goes over when not in use is just as important so it lasts

4 Re: Hot tub on 30th July 2017, 6:40 pm


I've been looking at a proper one for a bit, I just want one for the health benefits yoursofunny not too get it full of chicks and drink beer.whip , not sure if too buy second hand or new, big differences in price but then if it goes tits up there is some guarantee with the new. I heard they do suck the juice around £1 a day from what I've been told and less if you don't keep heating it up. So second hand you could save 10 years worth of electricity money in the purchase price alone.

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