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What's it worth (complete) or should I break it

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GTIR James

Evening all,
I hate to do posts like this but I'd like to hear people's thoughts on what I should put my car up for£
As many will no it's a pretty good spec without going mad on power it's had a fortune spent on it over the years and I love it but don't really get the time to drive it anymore.
Basic spec is
Fully forged (86.5 cp pistons, balanced and polished crank, acl race shells. Ported and flowed cylinder head with 3 angle valve job. Hks 264 cams, cosworth head gasket. New timing chain and tensioner water pump etc)
2871r turbo with forge actuator
700 injectors
Nistune Ecu (380bhp currently turned down)
Helix hd clutch with lightweight flywheel
Custom 3 inch exhaust inc elbow custom large back box to comply with track day noise limits
Oil cooler
Kayo rad
Samco hoses throughout
In tank swirl pot with x2 fuel pumps
Safety devices roll cage
Motor drive seats
Flocked dash
Stack gauges (oil pressure/temp water temp. Boost. Egt, fuel pressure, wide bank)
Omex shift light
Hi spec 4 pots up front
Custom rear brakes. Bigger discs
Carbotec xp8s front and back
Tein coilovers
Rota or enkie wheels
Lots lots more.
I'd say this is a pretty well sorted track car

I will add some pics shortly
Let me no your thoughts or maybe it's better breaking it? Just seems ashame
Thanks James

Andy Sunny Gti

Strange to say it, but I think these modified ones are less of an appeal these days.
Definitely sell as a whole running car.
I would say £8600, but I can see you getting an offer of about £6250.

What do you want to do?

johnny gtir

Get some bigger pictures unless it's my phone mate. Body work condition ?

As far as I remember this is a well sorted R and I hope it brings you the 8k mark


Yeah there is no price on them really but if you look at the for sale section at the orange car i had for sale or should i say currently have for sale, then that will give you some idea of where to proce it. Although the cars are similar spec but yours is standard look where as orange one has modified bodywork which will highly appeal to some yet others will hate so imo they are worth around the same

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GTIR James

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will put it up for sale for top money and if no one wants it I will pull it apart for parts.
Johnny I will get some better pics up over the weekend. I'd say body work wise it is one of the better ones it polishes up extreamly well but I'd say there probs are a few areas that would req some attention (still a very good shell tho)


Events Organiser
Events Organiser
Is that Patrick the Pulsar we're talking about? I must say I hate any Pulsar being pulled apart but this one is rly nice... Could you pm what you're asking for it I'll pass it along to few mates and the other thing since there is obvious market for standard cars can't you get it as close to standard as possible?


johnny gtir

This will sell for 8k in my opinion all the right mods without going to crazy.


Maybe ive been out the loop but £8k?
Engine sounds like its been through a high quality rebuild. Has it a stock gearbox? Would've thought 380bhp required a cog upgrade to quaife or similar? If so, imo £7 would be top end if you all have the reciepts and history.
I dont mean to sound -ve, my R has similar spec and i would love it to worth £8k

Mr B

gtir technician
gtir technician
^ yours probably is close with the quaife, rear arches done and all else tidy.
standard boxes can handle good 400 for street use or light track but got be A1 to start with and most these days close to scrap metal pile if inspect the gears.
Not many R's advertised these days and even sourcing from japan much harder and bigger prices.
UK market not the best and simply not that many buyers for 8 to 10k tuned cars . lot of junk floating around and bad apples can ruin the whole barrel .

johnny gtir

Maybe it's people buying the wrong cars and paying over the odds or seeing the bigger picture ( hoping they keep rising) but seen a few sell lately and made strong money and not half the car this is if I rember it right hence my 8k and reckon  someone would turn up and hand over 7.5-7.6  

Works Both ways few people have crap cars or very limited market cars and keep saying they are worth 10k which I totally disagree


One thing's for sure, they're definitley going up so it if doesn't sell for £8k now, it soon will.


You could just keep it lol good luck with sale what ever way you go whole or in bits

13 Re: What's it worth (complete) or should I break it on 11th October 2017, 11:45 am

GTIR James

I could return it back to standard looks wise but to be honest it's a fair bit of work and I don't have standard interior etc.
Will write up a forsale add this weekend. I've also got lots of spare parts to go also.

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