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So near..... yet so far now :-(

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26 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 14th January 2018, 11:17 pm

Mr B

gtir technician
gtir technician
The second sensor is just a cat temp warning sensor and not important .
I hope the wife liked discussion on the canister, My wife would beat me with the somtam wooden pestle ...

27 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 14th January 2018, 11:30 pm


She did have a glazed look about her! I explained it all to her then saw your message and said see told you it might have something to do with it, by that point she was starting to look angry Laughing

Seen your O2 Sensor post, checked out the Nissan part number on Amayama £342! think i'll go with the one you put a link to. Knock sensor £88 from them, not too bad I guess.

28 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 15th January 2018, 9:07 am


I found last year that my PCV valve wasn't working right either. I cleaned it out but you could still blow through it in both directions by mouth! I ended up ditching the pipework that came from it, looping the PCV nipples on the manifold and filled the actual valve up with silicone so it wouldn't spit any oil out. Its been perfect ever since and actually gained a little boost for free! Very Happy

That does look more oily rather than watery on the piston tops though

29 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 15th January 2018, 10:57 am


I had it blanked for years, looped throttle bodies through to dump valve, had an oil catch can and removed carbon canister. Only put it all back on to make it look standard ish, probably end up removing it all again Laughing

Nissan wanted £35 for a pcv valve, got one off amayama last night for £10, happy to try it for that price.

At least when problems arise with these cars you end up learning how it all works, previously I never knew what half the stuff did, some good come out of this Laughing

30 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 17th January 2018, 9:07 pm


So I used my leak down tester before, sorry mr B not a home made one, but not sure how long I need to leave it connected to each cylinder for it to show a head gasket leak? The engine was cold,  instructions said for the engine to be at operating temp, didn’t have the time plus didn’t fancy getting a face full of hot coolant Laughing

Cylinder 1 - 10% leak
Cylinder 2 - 25% leak (might have been my crack handed approach to connecting this one up)
Cylinder 3 - 20% leak
Cylinder 4 - 5% leak

Airs passing rings, easily hear from dip stick tube, expected that though.  From what I’ve read this is normal, assuming passing through gaps in ring from being cold.

No bubbles appeared in coolant for each cylinder test, left connected around 5 minutes ish per cylinder..

31 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 17th January 2018, 9:54 pm

Mr B

gtir technician
gtir technician
do one hot when you got time just see difference to ring sealing .
Expect HG likely okay and only issue you got internally is rings far from bedded in yet and fair bit of oil coming through too . were the bores honed and didn't you go with genuine ring set in end ?
Once fuelling, idle and ignition all good/checked and it got MOT you need do some road miles and see what happens.
very minor HG leaks can be hard prove and running cylinder pressures far higher than test pressures, I had subaru ej25s with minor leaks that don't show on gas sniff or chemical and little visual clues either, also not uncommon see coolant level drop on recent filled system so without further evidence I would just monitor closely .

32 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 17th January 2018, 10:14 pm


Yeah I put genuine rings in and honed the bores. They measured out well in spec and not oval, I’ll get her warm and do a comp test weekend plus do the leak down again and check fuel pressure. Other than that like you say just get some miles on her!

33 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 18th January 2018, 9:08 am


You should have had her MOT'd for the lovely weather down south is getting. You could have done hundreds of miles without even getting out of the end of your street! :p

34 Re: So near..... yet so far now :-( on 18th January 2018, 10:34 pm


Just read this and as said ideally you need to get some miles on it to help bed the rings in.
But before you do that i would suggest ditching the millers running in oil and getting some cheap 15w/40 mineral based oil.
Also i definately would not blank off where the pcv valve is as that will just add to your issues by building up excess pressure, a car needs at least 2 seperate breather points to function correctly so would definately fix the pcv issue or blank the pipe to plenum and fit an atmospheric breather on rocker cover where pcv would be.........if its knackered knock the valve out of it so its open and put a pipe onto it with a breather filter, then take car out for a proper drive.
Leaving it running at idle in a garage will do it no favours at all.

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