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1 350z...zzzzzzzz on 23rd January 2018, 10:43 am


few years back I was at the lights. looked over to my left as you casually do to find some bold geeza sneering at me in his nice blue at the time fairly new 350z. nothing needed to be said. I was running fully stock. I wasn't sure.. I didn't know much about his car and what is was running. lights change and were off. 1st gear we were even.second he was pulling until I spooled up and then started edging and by the time 3rd came I was pulling away. Then a van pulled infront and I had to just slow down. both stop at red. Looked over but he made no eye contact.. I wanted to finish him good and proper but he had turned left..

I wasn't as experienced on the roads as I am now or I would've took the van and carried on. but it was done in my eyes..

2 Re: 350z...zzzzzzzz on 23rd January 2018, 5:15 pm


the one star club
the one star club
Nice one thumbsup

3 Re: 350z...zzzzzzzz on 29th January 2018, 9:00 pm


lovely bubbly ! For me it's just accelerating to about 70, not bothered after that, glad you stuffed him lol

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