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Mk6 golf egr problem

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1Mk6 golf egr problem Empty Mk6 golf egr problem on 28th January 2018, 10:26 pm


So it’s been a bit of a bad week for our Golf Laughing first off last Friday the wife slid on ice hit a curb and collapsed the wheel bearing, so I fixed that.  She took it on tuesday for get the tracking checked and wheel balanced to find she’d Buckled the alloy Mad   Today it went into limp mode with the glow plug warning light flashing, read the code P0407 points to the EGR valve, well known common issue with the mk6 golf 1.6 tdi pale

Loads on the vag forums about people getting vw to do the work for free guesture of goodwill etc but as I’ve done the servicing for the last few years and didn’t take it in for the emissions scandle thing don’t think I’ll be that lucky.

Heard it’s a ball ache of a job but can’t be as bad as replacing Mini Cooper s rear crank seal I did the other month Laughing  Euro parts have an egr with discount applied for £210 but can get one on eBay for £100 ish

Would I be foolish to opt for the eBay one? Or should it last say 10k... looking at changing the car later this year.  

It’s just clicked over to 90k and in all fairness it’s the first issue it’s had apart from all the damage she’s done to it Laughing

2Mk6 golf egr problem Empty Re: Mk6 golf egr problem on 29th January 2018, 6:58 am

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
Put a decent one on mate if it’s a bit of a job. Plus it’s a bit of a selling point it’s been done with decent part or will save the new owner having the same ball ache if you think the e bay one won’t last as long

3Mk6 golf egr problem Empty Re: Mk6 golf egr problem on 29th January 2018, 9:05 am


You get stuff that allegedly cleans out EGR valves...might be worth a punt to see if that fixes if before strip and replace.
perhaps something like this:

4Mk6 golf egr problem Empty Re: Mk6 golf egr problem on 29th January 2018, 12:53 pm


Whatever you do don’t get aftermarket one as you will end up with the same problem 2 months down the line, probs the best thing you can do with these shitty egr’s is blank them off and all the coolant points needs blanking too. Then get it mapped out. It is fairly expensive but would probably work out a similar price to the oe one from main dealer. Or you could try cleaning it like you said but general carb cleaner does the job too.

5Mk6 golf egr problem Empty Re: Mk6 golf egr problem on 29th January 2018, 1:51 pm


Apparently you can’t clean the egr’s on the mk6 golfs etc as it’s part of the cooler Mad  I’ve booked it into vw on Friday to have the emissions update done, clear the code when I park it up and blame the update for it breaking Laughing

6Mk6 golf egr problem Empty Re: Mk6 golf egr problem on 30th January 2018, 9:08 pm


I've done one on a mk6, got one from gsf, they are now a recon part as they are such a common problem, iirc it wasn't too bad to do, a fair bit of stripping out, but a doddle compared to working on a Pulsar.

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