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Government's 2040 ban on all combustion engines

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1 Government's 2040 ban on all combustion engines on 8th February 2018, 10:36 pm


So what's everyone's thoughts on this then? No more combustion engines after 2040 will be sold. The R will be circa 50 years old by then, BUT... it does look as though they may try to make it difficult for petrol / diesel cars to be on the road. In my distrust of the government I see this as a veiled move to getting rid of old cars. (A bit like my suspicion on workplace pensions so they can gradually phase out state pension)


It will defo happen I reckon as the move towards alternative fuel like lpg and hybrid from a few years back now and now electric cars have been going strong and beING pushed from car manufacturers and government combined .... it's all part of the master plan .... I think .... this will be ok if they make it more affordable to the everyday person wich I sure it will be ... they certainly will make the combustion engine cars like classics and such like will be heavily penalised and strict conditions to be otr I can't imagine how much the price of petrol will be per litre if it all moves that way ..... government have already started to backtrack with the zero road tax regarding electric cars think they suddenly realised if everybody buys electric then the revenue from road tax would be gone lol

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gtir technician
I think the 2040 date is optimistic at best .
battery vehicles way off mark of being real world usable and batteries one of most environment unfriendly products manufacture and recycle :-/
2040 would also just be a date of first stage of new public use vehicle fuel regulations and would be many years before petrol and diesel only found in collectors garage and history books .
Look at petrol and diesel usage in big picture and you can see it hardly likely ever disappear but more likely have fuel alternatives, can't see construction vehicles, plant vehicles, military vehicles haulage/delivery vehicles, garden machinery, generators etc and marine vehicles running on batteries lol .
Throw in world disasters, economy collapse and war before 2040 and I really wouldn't be too bothered on what the UK government of this moment is planning, can't even decide on brexit yet lol .


22 years is a long way off, lots can happen before then. The technology to replace the cars has to come along way before then. And not forgetting if the consumer market to buy these cars and grow these companies isn't there they will just fade away. I agree that a push from the government and companies to move towards these cars is there, I guess its just a matter of time till people start adapting to change.

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