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Gearbox issue mr b or Neil could you give me your input please

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Right picked box up after having case and 5 synchro changesd ..

I have a problem i seem to have selected reverse and it’s stuck ? I can pull on the shifter but still in reverse .. gearbox is in the table ..

Do I ignore it and put it all back together and hope that it all works or do I take further action ?


Take further action! My last R stuck in reverse and i ended up having to get it rebuilt to sort it Sad


Make sure the selector rod is in the right way round, someone rebuilt the box in mine before i had the car and had put the reverse/5th selector rod in the wrong way which also meant sometimes it would select two gears as it allowed the ball bearings to move from holding the other rods in neutral position while in any gear.


As I said on FB, take it back to the shop that rebuilt it and tell them too FIX IT.



So a potential quick fix, would be to orientate the box as it would be in the car so gravity works with you, and try it. If that doesnt work, wack the bolt that holds the reverse counterweight to the casing and try again.
If that doesnt works its a case off jobby Very Happy ,
Good luck,

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Thanks for that Neil , basically the chances are it needs opening up again... grrr their sposse to be phoning me back tomos . See what happens . I shell keep you all informed

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