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Cleaning aluminium

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1 Cleaning aluminium on 6th August 2018, 7:10 am


So I decided to clean some parts this weekend. I looked at a few options and decided to do it myself rather than other methods such as sand blasting etc.

Here's a before photo.

I used this liquid cleaner which contains Hydrofluoric Acid and sulfuric acid. Following the instructions I mixed 1 part cleaner to 7 parts cold water and let the parts sit for awhile and not to let the cleaner completely dry. I was super careful and wore gloves and eye protection.

The next steps were to use a pressure washer and clean the parts. I gave the parts a quick wash with the hose before using the pressure washer. This is a good idea as I ended up covered in water rather than the chemical cleaner.

This is the final result. Not 100% but depending how picky you are it does the job rather good. I might still end up painting the parts in an OEM cast aluminium spray paint but all around I think it does a good job. If i did it again im pretty sure id get a better result with better placement of cleaner in certain areas and leaving it sit longer. Anyway just thought id share Smile

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