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Quiet on here so here's some reading for you to brighten your day

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Hiya fellow R owners..........Yes its me Very Happy

Not been on here at all over last 2-3 months as just not had time, still working 7 days most weeks, doing 18hr days most of the time Rolling Eyes

Also sorry to say this but ive now gone all uhmmm! Honda mad especially since having the Rotrex charged one as i love that car, the thing is so crazy and difficult to control it should have an asbo but that also keeps the interest in trying to tame it on track.

Other reasons for not being on here are not so good Crying or Very sad and border on being unbelievable but i kid you not this is all absolutely true!

My mum has been in & out of hospital (especially over last 2 months) She is old being in her 80s but she used to be so active & lively and looked years younger than her age
she has lung cancer which ive helped keep at bay with alternative therapy but the cancer still breaks down your immune system which makes you far more susceptable to pick up things like pneumonia and stuff like that.
So over last couple months shes been in & out of hospital so lots of visiting and giving her more help at home etc.

Then as if thats not enough to cope with.....My youngest brother picks up an infection in his foot (which he left unseen to for way too long (Takes after me lol) Turns out in the finish that he now has gangreen in both his feet and hand so has been admitted into hospital as it was too painful to even walk.......His feet and hand is really a total mess and there still carrying out treatment but there is a strong possibility that he may well lose both his feet and maybe even hand.
He has 2 one year old German shepherds which im looking after whilst hes inside. Cant have them at my house as ive already got 2 which are old now and they couldnt cope with 2 spritely younguns who would knock them flying so im keeping them at my workshop till hes sorted one way or other. Great guard dogs though Laughing

So if thats not all enough for me to contend with (dont forget im still working long days too)
I then pick up a speeding misdemeanor Razz Result of doing 90mph on M25 in my Gtr coming into a roadwork section which i did slow down for but not quick enough so it seems, anyway caught on camera, this happened months ago but was deemed too serious to deal with without me going to court.
End result = Banned from driving Rolling Eyes 1 month ban (couldnt have come at a worse time) hospital visits, home visits to my mum work, collection of cars etc
So i thought in one FUCK IT im gonna drive anyway, but instead of using car i dug my Suzuki Gsxr out and blew the dust off lets just say its not taxed, mot'd and is registered in my personal name so i had to make a few adjustments to cover myself so it never flagged up, which i did.

Last part of my woefull bad luck or whatever you wanna call it story you simply wont believe!

As im using bike now was great as no parking to pay up hospital, easy nipping in |& out of traffic on way to work and visiting people etc so all was going well up till last few days of my ban period Then.........
One day i was ultra ultra busy so never finished work till 8.15 in evening (my brother had been admitted day prior) so had 2 people to visit and visiting hours end at 9o/c, so i was wearing no protective clothing, just tee shirt, lightweight trousers, boots, and a pair of car driving gloves Laughing Now im in a rush so left Lee to sort the dogs out and lock up so roars off up rthe road like a Gp rider who's about to win a title, heading along dual carrigeway at way over the 70mph limit then road goes back into single carriageway where im still travelling at lets say a way too fast a speed for the road.
Normally i would then take a slightly banked right hand bend but right at the last knockings GOD KNOWS WHY!!! i decided it would be quicker to get to hospital by alternative route being a slip road just before the right hander, now this is a naughty naughty bend even for a car to negotiate as it drops away from you over a big bump and has adverse camber, so bike, cold tyres, excessive speed = Never gonna make it, Highside!
One guy who see it said the bike and me catapulted around 20ft in the air and his first words to his mate were 'Hes dead' but me writing this prove him wrong Laughing

Result= 3 members out of 4 in same family Now in hospital, you just cant write luck like this suicide

32 stitches to my left knee after it was gaping open due to impact, plus an operation to see whether any further damage
fractured collarbone
3 broken toes on right foot
Chipped ground ankle bone on left side
Lots of road rash, cuts and heavy bruising on both sides
Smashed but repairable bike as bike came down on top of me so looks like my arm and knee took most of the impact!

All i could think whilst flying through the air which seemed to be in slow motion was This is gonna hurt but get up and get the bike out of the way before police are called (for reason stated)
Luckily a woman came out of nearby house after hearing the smash where i landed 30ft away from highside Shocked
By that time i was back up on my feet trying to lift the bike up, she came over in a right panic as was blood gushing out of my trousers and dripping off my arms so was going to call ambulance but i said NO DONT do that im ok but could i leave my bike behind your skip in driveway which she agreed to. She even made me a cuppa as i told her that i would call my missus who was already up the hospital visiting and she would come get me and take me to A+E but whilst standing there talking to her i left a pool of claret all around me on floor which she ended up cleaning up and she gave me her finest towels to try stem the blood and protect my missus carpet in her crap car Laughing So i will pop in and sort her out a voucher, flowers or something soon as very good of her.

Hospital was a nightmare but briefly when i got there they took me straight in to trauma dept as i was leaving claret all over waiting area Laughing
cut my clothes off then x rays neck brace, scans etc before operating on my knee the following day in afternoon.
The next day i signed myself out of hospital and was back (believe or not) At work in afternoon, cant drive yet as badly swollen leg and shoulder amongst other bits but good news is my ban has now finished, bikes all back in my workshop, my mums just been released again from hospital (turns out she had a tia which is a small stroke) my brother is now out but still hangs in doubt with whats wrong with him but looks like he may evade the amputations to his feet & hand, they said i or 2 days later they would have more or less instantly needed amputation What a Face

So moral of this unbelievably true story is........
Always expect the unexpected! and live each day as though its your last as you never know whats around the corner waiting for you

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Mr B

gtir technician
gtir technician
Thought i been busy with my dad in and out hospital .
Bit of bad luck with ban, would of thought with your line of work and hospital needs they been been lenient and just increased the fine, speeding worse than theft and drug dealing in UK though :-O you very bad man  whip
Lucky with bike accident as if other party and police involved that been serious ballache :-S
Stressful times when parents at that age & have health issues .

Anyway, stay safe, stay calm, take less risks but most importantly STOP being a hondoo fan boy Evil or Very Mad
Only japan brand I don't like LOL .
Long Live NISSAN , the Prince of Prince's


the one star club
the one star club
Fucking hell Bob!! Get better soon


Bob, get yourself a nice little Nissan micra automatic. You'll never go fast enough to do any damage.

Thought you were meant to be taking easy after your stroke? Life's too short to work those crazy hours but glad to hear you're ok and things are getting back to normal. Very Happy

johnny gtir

Fancy writing all that and wasting time when you should be working.

Come on here to drop you a message but I see how things are all this bad is due to having a Honda

Mr B

gtir technician
gtir technician
Pete had a Hondoo and also had lot of bad luck :-)
Stay away from Hondoo voodoo and the french junk and life is a breeze baby :-P


Sorry to hear all the drama going on and the bad luck hopefully that's all the bad luck share for you for a while now then Rolling Eyes .... as for the honda do you want another one... selling my fn2 type r now as bought another car Wink

"Official post whore" and all round superhero....


Far out mate, I was wondering lately because hadn't seen you on here! now we know why!

Hope things start looking up and you have recover alright mate.


Now there's a thread with more twists and turns than a race track - bloody hell Bob !
Sorry to hear all the craziness that has hit you over the last few months.
Glad to read that you are all in one piece (just) and that things have improved for you mum & brother.
Do yourself a favor and take some time out mate - sounds like you need to dial down the boost of life and take things a bit slower (all round mate)
Hope you feel better soon.

Andy Sunny Gti

Wow, took a big sigh of relief after reading the last sentence. Happy ending.

You've turned Honda Sad
How could you.
What about the Sunny Gti? SR20VE?


Bloody Christ Bob! You're lucky to be alive!


FFS......... you're into Homo's!!???


Christ Bob that's mental you sure you are not starting in your own TV show or something it's not EastEnders it's SouthEnders.

Hope you get well soon!


@shroom wrote:Christ Bob that's mental you sure you are not starting in your own TV show or something it's not EastEnders it's SouthEnders.

Hope you get well soon!

Should call it 'keeping up with the Heywoods' lol!
Definitely be worth watching tho,


This right here is why I ride ATTGATT.

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