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suspension/brake/wheel upgrades

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1suspension/brake/wheel upgrades Empty suspension/brake/wheel upgrades on 4th November 2018, 3:34 am


hello all

looking to get a gtir in the near (1-2mo) future, and want to do suspension, brakes and tires first.

suspension wise, ive seen a bunch of threads comparing the bc racing ds and the ksport gt pro. i did stumble upon a link where some guy custom makes fortune auto 500s for the n14. would those be worth it over the bc/ksport? this will be mainly for daily driving with 1 or 2 autox thrown in, so i was going to get a spring rate of 6k/4k.

brakes wise, just going to get upgraded nx2000 front rotors, stock rear rotors, project mu pads, and s/s lines all around and see how that works. if its not good enough, go for the fastbrakes upgrade.

wheels and tires are my other question. wheel size wise, since im not getting bigger front brakes (just yet) 15" should be fine right? was thinking advanti sports. offset wise, would i be needing spacers? since i live in the rainy pacific northwest, im going to get some falken azenis rt615k+

looking forward to your input, and thanks in advance.

2suspension/brake/wheel upgrades Empty Re: suspension/brake/wheel upgrades on 23rd November 2018, 6:33 pm


Fortune 500's are far superior to lower end BC or K-sports. They aren't really custom made for RNN14, they just give you B13 coilovers and change the spring rates a bit. They use rear end link attachment collars that go around the threaded portion of the shock body, so that deals with the difference between how a B13 and RNN14 rear end link attaches. The Fortunes have a 5 year warranty and you can upgrade them to radial bearing, locking collars, and even 2 way external res in the future if you wish.

If you wait until the annual SR20 forum group buy, you can get them for hundreds off.

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