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Insurance Quote

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1Insurance Quote Empty Insurance Quote on 5th January 2019, 10:26 pm


Happy new year

That time of year for me again, last year was the first year for 7 years of insuring her, and went with Adrian Flux and did a multicar policy with the Mini Cooper S at the time later in year change to a VW Golf GT, total premium £520, Nissan being £250 of that based on 1000 mile a year.

Renewal quote came through before Christmas of £710 Laughing yeah right, so phoned around and couldnt get the R on a classic policy anywhere, usual gocompare etc searches showed I could get quotes from churchill etc, but when clicking onto website said they couldnt insure it.  Balls to it I thought just insure the golf for £288 lowest I could find from phoning round, using search sites and leave Nissan in garage for another year........ until I spoke to a young lady at A-Plan insurance.  Spent 30 minutes going through details for both cars, adding the wife to the Golf and including her accident of reversing into neighbours car Mad after being on hold for a while she came back and said she had one more insurer she wanted to get hold of, but might be following day when she called back..

Following day she gets back to me, good news! Ive managed to find an insurer that will do classic on the Nissan!! cool, based on 1500 miles £202 and the Golf £442 Evil or Very Mad err no thanks, why? well because I can get the golf for 288.  So she asked if she could run my details on the Golf through gocompare as the insurer she'd found might price match! so she did and came back with £224 on the Golf Very Happy  Ace.

So if I hadnt got in touch with A-Plan, I'd of taken out insurance on the Golf that night for £288, but in reality now, what Ive saved on the Golf ive actually got the Nissan for £138 which Im well happy with Very Happy Very Happy

Policy is based on:

Nissan in garage, Golf on Driveway.
Nissan 1500 miles, Golf 8000 miles
Nissan Mods Declared, Golf Chinese shite radio declared
Nissan agreed value
Nissan on classic, Golf 10+ no claims


2Insurance Quote Empty Re: Insurance Quote on 6th January 2019, 5:49 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
pays to be persistent .
car insurance is a complete rip-off game ...
Have fun burning some petrol :-)

3Insurance Quote Empty Re: Insurance Quote on 6th January 2019, 6:39 pm


I pay £680 for mine on a normal policy.
And same for my van with mirrored ncb.

Im Thinking of traders policy next time around as I need traders for my job so hopefully it isn't much more than the 2 combined.

Back againTwisted Evil

4Insurance Quote Empty Re: Insurance Quote on 7th January 2019, 7:16 am


Thats good, pays to shop around and not accepting the first price people offer you, or they'll try and rip you the fook off.

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