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Track Rat - '91 Pulsar

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26 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 6th February 2019, 5:54 am


@gtir_woody wrote:
@Ryaneg6freak wrote:
@VolksWagner wrote:
@Ryaneg6freak wrote:I had no idea Buddy Club ever made anything for the Pulsar. That's got to be the first set I've ever seen, ever.

They may not have. Possible they are modified to fit from a similar car, B13 maybe.
The rear top hats were actually trimmed to fit. Sway bar mounts and such all seemed good to line up though.

Def not from a B13 then, the only difference between the 2 IS the sway bar mounts, otherwise they bolt right in.  I'm running rear AGX shocks and upper from a B13, and ended up just using a heim joint adjustable link to make the sway bar attachment work.

From memory the mount was way off on the B13, did you make a bracket from the top mount to make it work?

My BC's were from an n14/b13 and I just brought the correct lower mounts and screwed them on.
You know, now that I think about it I believe someone might have stuck RNN14 upper strut mounts on the B13 strut. I know they're B13 struts because of the sway bar link mount, they are vertical and not horizontal like the Pulsar. When I got the car the shocks were already on it but the rear sway bar wasn't connected.  I've never actually pulled them to see what upper mounts is on them, I assumed since the shock was B13 that the upper mount was too.  Now I'm curious.

27 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 6th February 2019, 5:58 am


Funny too, my rears are KYB AGX and the fronts are GAB's. Someone mish-mashed the suspension lol

28 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 6th February 2019, 6:52 am


automotive archaeology is fun Laughing

29 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 10th February 2019, 9:08 pm


Now that it is a driver, I've been spending more time inside the car instead of under it. Time to clean up the interior!

I started by removing as much of the sticker, double sided tape, wire clips, etc from the dash. This meant getting all the way into the gauge cluster to get the yellow carbon look stickers off of there.
With the dash apart I was able to undo all of the electrical routing strung through the dash. I moved everything to the passengers side so it could be sorted all at once. The previous owner even cut and extended every heater control wire with red wire and bullet connectors so that it could be stored in the glovebox while all the add on bits were screwed to the dash.

Much better.

This left me with this impressive pile in the passengers area. Everything on the seat was deemed useless and removed.
Only kept the boost controller, digital water temp, and power meter were kept (won't ever use it elsewhere.)

This was my favorite wire Rolling Eyes

Lots of cutting, crimping, heat shrinking and it finally all got put back into it's proper place.

Tried on a steering wheel that I had around, liked it better.

Back to mechanicals, I removed the MAF and cleaned it up. Ran smoother but MPG didn't change.
Ran the ECU diagnosis, came back a clean 55.

Plugs suggest a definite rich condition.

Must be a bad O2 sensor.

A couple questions.

Is this PIAA lighting stock or aftermarket?

What is a safe daily driven boost level on stock engine? 91 octane. I have the KSROM ECU but don't know if it's tuned for higher boost. So lets assume stock tune.

30 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 10th February 2019, 9:19 pm


Oh yeah, almost forgot, snow day!
The Direzzas did not like the snow Laughing

31 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 11th February 2019, 10:16 am


Nice slow mo drift on your snow day!!!

That wire with all the clips on is awesome! Nice to think someone did that and walked away thinking job well done lol!

I've not seen any PIAA parts on my lighting so would assume after market.

And I believe the O2 sensor only has an affect at low rpm / idle. Could also be ECU temp sensor issue?

32 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 11th February 2019, 10:56 am


I hate scotch locks, those things should be illegal.

33 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 17th February 2019, 9:28 pm


I was all ready to measure the ECT resistance before work one day and see if that was the issue, then I saw how buried it was! Decided to wait until a day I had more time. When I was telling my buddy this at work he pointed out something so obvious I don't know how I missed it...
My deigital temp gauge reads of the diagnostics port. And my temps read perfectly how they should so the ECT is not the issue after all.

The last likely candidate is the new fuel pump over pressurizing the system. Time to get a fuel pressure gauge!

In the mean time, I notice I was starting to get rev stall out at about 6k rpm.
I realized that somehow in my tune-up I forgot to check the cap and rotor.
Popped that off and sure enough it was super corroded. I cleaned up the contacts as best I could for the time being.
This made the car noticeably smoother and quicker to rev but I still get the spark blowout around 6-7K so I'll still need to get new parts.

I can't imagine, the plugs being degraded by the rich condition helps any.
I'm running BKR7E's, would you guys recommend different plugs?
What gap do these typically work best at on these cars?

34 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar on 17th February 2019, 10:52 pm


NGK BCR8ES plugs are probably your best bet. Copper cored and cheap as. I run mine at 0.8mm gaps and it seems to run fine. Have you checked the coil and ignition amplifier with a multimeter yet? Easy to do and would at least eliminate those as potential issues. Might also be time to do a boost leak test too...
Definitely get at the very least a tee peice you can screw a guage into, a very useful diagnostic tool indeed! Smile
Just another thought but, have you double checked the ignition timing yet?

35 Re: Track Rat - '91 Pulsar Yesterday at 3:45 am


Mike, thanks for the tip on the plugs, I'll try those next.
I haven't checked coil and amp but I will.
Since cleaning up the cap and rotor improved the symptoms I assume that's likely the culprit but may have only been a contributor.

I've never done a boost leak before given this is my first turbo car. Will have to give that a search.

Ignition timing was set and is good.

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