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DET/Temp sensor faults - fans always on

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1DET/Temp sensor faults - fans always on Empty DET/Temp sensor faults - fans always on on 28th April 2013, 6:00 pm


Here's an answer to a problem that beat Bob and Lee. My GTI-R had a det sensor fault, fixed by replacing the sensor, but promptly developed a temp sensor fault (fans on from startup). Time ran out so I took it home where it then developed another recurring det sensor fault. Another trip to sunny Southend, where replacement of the inaccessible temp sensor made no difference. Both sensors had been replaced, and even another ECU was tried (the benefits of using Bob's emporium!). As I am electrically minded, I took up the challenge to find out where the possible loom fault was, and worked through it.

The ECCS_DIAGRAM.PDF circuit diagram showed that the temp and det sensor leads apparently went through a shared connector F7/E222 somewhere (or F11/E215). On the diagram the F7 connector can be found on the harness. I never did find E222!

The F7 connector lurks somewhere near the bottom front nearside end of the engine, and is hidden under the loom (see picture). It was disconnected...

It is now plugged in and my GTI-R is no longer in limp mode! Mind you, even in limp mode it was the equal of my Golf Plus TSi, which was not too shabby.
Regards, Keith
DET/Temp sensor faults - fans always on AttachmentDetTempConnectorF7.JPG
Location of det/temp sensor loom connector F7
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2DET/Temp sensor faults - fans always on Empty Re: DET/Temp sensor faults - fans always on on 28th April 2013, 6:15 pm


that's very strange keith as that's on the main ecu loom which does not control sensors at rear of throttle bodies (separate loom for those)
I thought that connector was the one controlling the lt ignition circuit to dizzy, coil and ign amp, incorporating injector resistance relay.

cant quite get my head round it but if it works it works
so good on you for finding an irritating electrical fault

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