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Competition licences

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Competition Licences
Competitors in over 70% of UK motor sport events do not require MSA licences; only club membership cards are necessary. These events include autotests, trials and certain cross-country events.

There are four basic grades of competition licence: Clubman , National B , National A , and International .

Each competition licence holder receives a copy of the MSA Competitors' Yearbook (widely known as "The Blue Book", this contains the UK motorsport regulations, plus lists of scrutineers and other useful information) and four editions per year of "Motorsports Now!" the MSA's official magazine.
Download the following:
Competition Licence Application and NotesList of Doctors  

2007 Chart of Minimum Acceptable Licences
Motor Sport
Event Status (as defined in Supplementary Regulations) 
ClubmanNational 'B'National 'A'INT'L
Auto Tests *ClubmanClubmanAny National 'B' 
All Trials *
(excluding 4x4)
ClubmanClubmanAny National 'B' 
Navigation Rally *ClubmanAny National 'B'Any National 'B' 
Road Rally *
(including Historic)
ClubmanAny National 'B'Any National 'B' 
Safaris, Time Trials & Team RecoveriesClubmanClubmanCross Country or Stage Rally National 'A' (5)Cross Country or Stage Rally International
Hill RalliesClubman (6)Clubman (6)Cross Country or Stage Rally National 'A' (7)Cross Country or Stage Rally International
(including Minicross)
Any National 'B'Any National 'B'  
Hillclimbs, Sprints, Sand RacesAny National 'B' (CoolAny National 'B' (CoolSpeed or Race National 'A' (CoolSpeed or Race International
Drag Races Any National 'B'Drag National 'A'Drag International
RallycrossAny National 'B'Any National 'B'Stage Rally Nat 'A'
Race Nat 'A'
Speed National 'A'
Rally Int'l, Race Int'l or Speed Int'l
Stage RalliesStage Rally National 'B' (6)Stage Rally National 'B' (6)Stage Rally National 'A' (7)Rally International
Stage Rallies
Stage Rally National 'B'Stage Rally National 'B'Stage Rally Nat 'A' or Rally Int'l HistoricRally Int'l or Rally Int'l Historic
Kart EnduranceKart Clubman (9) or Kart National 'B'Kart Clubman (9) or Kart National 'B'  
Kart TyroKart Clubman (10)   
RaceRace National 'B' or Race National TruckRace National 'B' or Race National TruckRace National 'A'Race Int'l
Race HistoricRace National 'B' or Race National TruckRace National 'B' or Race National TruckRace National 'A' or Race Int'l HistoricRace Int'l or Race Int'l Historic
Race KartKart National 'B' or Race National 'B'Kart National 'B' or Race National 'B'Kart National 'A' (11)Kart Int'l
Race TruckRace National TruckRace National TruckRace National TruckInternational Truck

  • A higher grade licence is always valid for lower permit events of the same discipline (exceptions see 10 below).
  • Race licences are valid for speed events.
  • Race, Speed and Stage Rally licences are valid for Rallycross.
  • When these events are organised solely for bona-fide members of the organising club, no licence other than a club membership card is required.
  • Club membership card valid for Navigator [H 16.3.2].
  • Any National 'B' and Rally National 'A' Navigator are valid for Stage Navigator.
  • Rally National 'A' Navigator is valid for Stage Navigator.
  • Speed National 'A' (Open) or Race National 'A' required for vehicles defined in L 7.1.5 of the Regulations.
  • Kart Clubman licence is only valid for Kart Endurance/Kart Tyro events.
  • A Kart Tyro event may not accept any other licence type or grade other than Kart Clubman.
  • Race National ‘A’ Licences also valid for Long Circuit Kart events.

Differently Abled Drivers
Many differently abled people can still compete

Each case is individually assessed by MSA, but it is generally easier to obtain a licence for any discipline which involves cars competing singly and at lower speed.

For advice before you get started, contact:

The Medical Section Administrator at MSA. Telephone: [url=tel:01753 765000]01753 765000[/url]
Competition licences V4_viewImage

Specialist Contacts
British Motorsport Association for the Disabled
David Butler
Tel: [url=tel:01923 265577]01923 265577[/url]
Fax: [url=tel:01923 263872]01923 263872[/url]
Barn Cottage
Nr Chipperfield

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