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donpulsar's White GTiR

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1donpulsar's White GTiR Empty donpulsar's White GTiR 26th June 2013, 3:37 pm


Here's the spec list (from what I can remember!) :

Spec -

- Z32 MAF w/ K&N Cone filter
- GT2871R w/ 0.64 ar & Forge 1 bar actuator
- Evo 6 Intercooler w/ custom pipework
- Water/Methanol Injection (plumbed in but not set up)
- 550cc injectors
- Completely standard engine internals
- Standard manifold (media blasted internally and externally)
- Janspeed 3" Exhaust from turbo elbow to 5" exhaust tip  w/ 1 small silencer replacing cat
- Dastek Unichip Engine Management, mapped on rolling road @ 380bhp / 325 lb/ft w/ 1.6bar boost
- Quaife gearbox
- Helix Organic Clutch
- Lowered in Japan - approx 30mm
- Fully polybushed
- Nismo front strut brace
- Brembo 4 pot front brakes and 308mm discs ; from Seat Ibiza Cupra R, Standard rear calipers with uprated pads.
- 16" Speedlines
- Interior : Phase 1 Steering wheel, GReddy Alloy Gearknob, GReddy PRofec-B Controller (running @ 1.2 & 1.6 bar), Turbo Timer.

- Quickest quarter mile : 11.9secs @ York Raceway (on standard gearbox before it shat itself!)

Plans for the future...getting it roadworthy, taxed, tested & driven! A couple of runs at a dragstrip and at somepont in all that, fitting a WoN Nitrous Kit! Twisted Evil

And now some pics - the car has been off the road since mid 2009 and been stored both inside and outside so although it's mechanically sound the bodywork has suffered a little - important thing is to get the rust treated so it wont get any worse and get it back on the road! Making it look nice will follow that.

donpulsar's White GTiR IMAG1093

donpulsar's White GTiR IMAG1111

donpulsar's White GTiR IMAG1105

donpulsar's White GTiR IMAG1094
The Brembo's are probably my second favourite upgrade after the turbo, its as much fun stopping as it is going!

donpulsar's White GTiR IMAG1102
Only need a small panel welding in but treating the rust and painting it before Schultz'ing! Most of the car is still rot free Very Happy

donpulsar's White GTiR IMAG1110
Can't wait to be back in here driving! Not long I hope!

2donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 26th June 2013, 10:43 pm


A very well spec'd GtiR mate!

A few parts on there mine needs to make it just that bit better!

Well done mate

3donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 27th June 2013, 1:03 pm


that's a pretty high specd car you have there
I thought yours was just a run of the mill jobby

very nice car Cool

4donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 27th June 2013, 1:22 pm

Gaz GTiR

Gaz GTiR
1.6 bar on standard internals? is that safe? I heard 1.4 bar is max on standart internals? Sounds like a well setup car Smile

Is it white or ivory?

5donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 27th June 2013, 2:27 pm


Thanks for the comments guys - really appreciate the good vibes! Very Happy
It's transformation certainly didn't happen overnight & there was a bit of trial and error too but as you all know there's always something to tweak, tinker or faff with!

I'll be proper stoked once it's actually got its MOT and Im flying around again in's been far too long. And hopefully it can get painted by the end of the year or start of next year.

As for the colour - it's white, but I havent ruled out a repaint in ivory!

And yep, it'll run 1.6 bar with VPower all day long. I guess its all down to fuelling & mapping. The standard GTiR compression is nice n low so I've never been worried. Plus the guys at Noble Motorsport who mapped it knew what they were doing & it did get regular thrashings down the drag strip and it still runs sweet as a nut!

And Bob - it's probably my parts orders to you that have made it sound more run of the mill - ashtray, wing mirror etc are hardly exciting items!

Just a quick question to anyone reading - I need some new fastenings for the passenger side a plastic plug with a screw in & they mount in the bottom of the sill to hold the sideskirt on...any ideas where I could get some from?

Cheers again guys! Wink

6donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 27th June 2013, 5:05 pm


Nice buddy nice to see someone pushing the limits of the standard internals, I think this is the route ill be going till I can get a forge engine

7donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 27th June 2013, 6:32 pm


Can't wait to see your updates mates.

With regards to the trim clips Ive just got a load from eBay using "nissan trim clips" look like the right ones but not tried them yet

8donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 27th June 2013, 9:01 pm

Mr B

Mr B
gtir technician
gtir technician
Looks good, nice spec & clean look.
Intercooler looks to be a good job & far better than the usual ebay kits that got too popular.
Brembo kit conversion looks good too, what was involved in terms of calliper mounting & any disc machining needed !?
Surprising what power can be run on standard engine if in good condition & mapped well & maintained correctly. Forged engine is nothing more than 4 forged pistons. I've run mine for close to 9years at 1.2bar without a single hiccup & had the unichip in the early days as not much else around at that time for sensible money.
Have fun & hope all goes smoothly & to plan :-S

9donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 27th June 2013, 9:21 pm


As said good spec, how much Nitrous are you planning on running?

10donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 3rd July 2013, 3:56 pm


Sorry for the Delay!

11Paul11 - The standard engine has been faultless, taken all the abuse I've thrown at it. Regular oil changes and maintenance have been the main things - having the lifters shimmed a few years back was the only other thing. I reckon it could handle more boost to be honest, but for now 1.6 bar is fine for me!

buckym120 - cheers for the tip ; had a look but couldnt find exactly what I wanted, but if Nissan want a fortune for them there's some that should do the job. I'll post a pic of the trim clip up, see if anyone can help.

MrB - yeah have tried to keep things simple and clean :-) The intercooler setup was basically me & my Uncle with lengths of exhaust pipe and silicon hoses matching things up for the shortest possible pipe run - the ebay kits have huge runs and some don't look that pretty! (Used a guide on gtiroc many moons ago!) The Brembo kit is I believe whats on the ibiza/leon cupra R from late 90's/2000's - the disc is the 308mm Seat disc - can't remember if i had to get it redrilled to 4x100 - (will check tonight) but I did have an insert made so that the centre of the disc would locate on the hub. Standard discs and standard pads but stops insanely well. Thanks for the good wishes!

pulsarmoley - Nitrous...hoping to run at least a 50 bhp shot - which with the turbo should equate to around 100bhp worth of power so I've been told. My mate is chief designer at Wizards of Nos so he's offered to set it up and calibrate the gas so whatever he deems safe is what I'll run :-) I'll update things once that goes on later this year!

11donpulsar's White GTiR Empty Re: donpulsar's White GTiR 9th July 2013, 12:59 pm


Right then - here's the trim clips I need ; has anyone got any spares for sale or can point me in the direction of some new ones? (have also posted this the Wanted section in case someone reads it there and not here?)

donpulsar's White GTiR IMAG1127rs

Cheers folks - any help appreciated...the day it goes for its MOT is getting closer! Smile

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