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grey goose

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1grey goose Empty grey goose 29th November 2013, 8:56 pm


so here we have my grey pulsar.

it is an 1991 phase 1 pulsar. vin i have to look but one of the first built. it has now covered 86.000kms since new. it is free of any rust. especially on both rear arches.

i'd own it since summer 2012. it had some problems on buy ( crunchy gearbox, det sensor problm, paintwork damage on roof) so i had to do some work.

first of all i fitted one of our spare boxes. after that i did a complete engine overhaul. rod, mainearings, rodbolts, mls hg, new det sensor, intake gaskets, etc.

i fitted also some evo 8 560 cc's, a z32 maf a fmic, and my old chipped ecu wich has a daughterboard in it with a 4map switch. ecu is for 555's and z32 and about 1.4 bar from an original tuby. in 2006 i had about 330hp atf with this setup.

after all that i did a full respray by myself with a special paint from my old company. it is a matte grey metallic colour with a raw finish. its like to touch a sandpaper. this paint is special hardend and only can be cleaned by a carwash.

future plans are to do a suspension swap, and to fit a gt3071r. in austria the gt30 is about 100euros more than a gt2871. and it has the extra potential to do more power on request. with the gt3071 i'll also fit a nistune ecu and get a mapping.

i'm also looking for some lsd's, front and center. i like a real lsd center diff like the evo or stis got. car is much more controlable with it's throttle.

and now i have some pics for you guys n girls Wink

grey goose Cjoffwitquod0t2qi

grey goose Cjofhehey4mm3hst6

grey goose Cjofi192wxwiuoeu2

grey goose Cjofilu0ibkrw3nru

grey goose Cjofjalqunwah5vdm

grey goose Cjofkh8bs3igptr16

grey goose Cjofl8w5kwkv4snq2

grey goose Cjoflsj4g5x1n29ei

will post some mere these days Wink

2grey goose Empty Re: grey goose 30th November 2013, 8:48 am


french connection
french connection
i love it! Very Happy 

3grey goose Empty Re: grey goose 30th November 2013, 12:08 pm


yeah same here looks good in the matt grey

same as my mrs car that's wrapped in matt grey and c/f does look very stealth and a bit different to the norm but not in your face if you know what I mean!

4grey goose Empty Re: grey goose 1st December 2013, 12:24 am


yeah i love that colour so much. in bright sun you can see a dark silver car but in night it looks like its black. and those rota gt3 with that gold finish are a total show. i like the combo. only have to lower the car. but first i'll fit the gt30 and do a remap. than will the other bits sorted

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