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1Haltech Empty Haltech on 25th March 2014, 8:30 pm


Has anyone a good working maps for E8/E11?
Not the base map, I need a tuned one, for checking some correction values.
Upload or send me please!

Maybe the newer Platinum series maps are good too for checking.

My maps are attached (E11v2).
Just for note:
- 9:1 CR
- 560 EVO injectors
- unfinished tuning, just for running the engine
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2Haltech Empty Re: Haltech on 25th March 2014, 10:48 pm


Think you'll need to speak to Dave wattage on here or drop him a pm

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3Haltech Empty Re: Haltech on 26th March 2014, 7:04 am


Who is he?
The italian, who has a highly tuned LHD?

4Haltech Empty Re: Haltech on 26th March 2014, 9:14 am


french connection
french connection
no no, it's another clever lad from here, nickname is watoga here.

he is very knolageable in ECU systems

5Haltech Empty Re: Haltech on 15th April 2014, 5:15 pm


ecu technician
ecu technician

Tis me, "watoga"  Very Happy Is your car running with your current map? If so, what are your AFR values at idle? Are you going to be tuning this yourself, or do you just want it running safe to take to a tuner?


PS - sorry for my slow reply, I was working in India for a couple of weeks with minimal internet.

6Haltech Empty Re: Haltech on 15th April 2014, 6:25 pm



Yes, it's running, but need some advice.
AFR at idle is 14.5-15.0, but the idle bac controlling isn't work, because when the rally app ALS option is enable (but switched off), bac idle duty run with fixed value.
That's my fight, because all of mods I made is only for real ALS (air bypass, ignition mod, ECU ect).
Everytime when I'm try to fine tune some parts of the maps, find a question, without answer. That's my fault, because I'm not an engineer, nut a prof tuner, just an amateur.
The final tune will do a professional, but until this, I'd like to use the car, and understand how the Haltech works.

So, my first question is: how the closed loop wastgate controlling works?
On low boost seems to working fine, 0,9bar boost without spikes.
On high boost (target is 1.2bar) befor begin to controll there's a small spike, controlling start to work with 100% duty, then pressure start to wave +- 0.2bar endless, at around 55-60% constans duty.
(using wastegate start duty map)

Second question:
At fixed ignition (20deg), fixed injection (at the neighbour cells too), fixed bac idle duty,
isn't a smooth idle and AFR. How can this happen?

Why the O2 closed loop controlling is so hectic? Both idle and driving the AFR goes 11 to 18 then back. Seems that the controlling working slowly. Naturally I tried all of the delay and sample rate setting (int and prop too), but this function seems unusable.
(Innovate WBO and controller)

7Haltech Empty Re: Haltech on 8th May 2014, 8:07 pm


Another question.

When rally antilag is enabled, idle controllig changed to a fixed value.
No cold start, no AC request rpm conpensation ect.

And a strange thing: bac controlled in 150Hz. when isle air valve run on fixed 90% (or 70, 80 is the same) duty, the fixture is lean (around 18-19 AFR), but stable 1000rpm.
When I increas to 92%, idle runs at 1500 rpm, AFR 14.5-15. Can't understand why.

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