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looking at other better forms of mapping hardware

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as you all know were getting the dyno soon so are looking into different ways of mapping the pulsar with various ecu's

it occurred to me today that cobb (same as I had on my gtr) could be a good alternative but I need to find out if its compatible with the old style gtir pre obd2 as the socket is obd2
ive sent cobb an email and they are looking into it for us to see if they can come up with something to plug into ecu port

if this can be done somehow then these are a really good bit of kit and you can also remotely map a car by sending a generic map to the customer same as gtc did with my gtr then upload it direct to the car
you can also run datalogs so can be sent to the mapper then map adjusted then a new one sent to you
so in short you get a perfect map without anyone other than yourself doing say a hard pull in third

only thing is im not sure if theres enough preset info on the stock gtir ecu to allow this but will see what they have to say.

theres a lot of scoobies and evo's running cobb and maps are available to upload direct from the net.
this is definitely the future of mapping and has been for some years now

heres what the cobb accessport looks like
looking at other better forms of mapping hardware 7s1dKx


Did you ever get any info about emerald ecu's Bob?

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not contacted them yet but im sure they were able to do it and made a harness up for our cars

il be looking into this too Wink

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