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hello! new project

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1hello! new project  Empty hello! new project 20th November 2014, 1:45 am


Hello everyone! Glad to be a part of the nissan gtir family now. I had a 2005 subaru legacy gt limited, that I have been building but 3 years in the running decided to get a new project. So I found a 1993 nissan pulsar gtir in the states and of course I was going to take it. So now starting something completely new that I'm not too quit familiar, but cannot wait to learn more about them!
here's my legacy gt.
hello! new project  IMG_20141031_001924
hello! new project  IMG_20141008_181635
and this is the nissan gtir
hello! new project  20141115_092652
hello! new project  20141115_092708_1
hello! new project  20141115_092700_1
hello! new project  20141102_11534_edit_1415586076470
what's done to her is:
-Front mount intercooler
-cat back exhaust
-intake filter
-downpipe (not installed)
what needs to be done:
-Valve cover gasket (got it)
-spark plugs (got it)
-fuel filter (got it)
-front rotors, rear rotors
-front speakers
-change out rear different fluid (will do it)
-oil pan gasket (got it)
-oil turbo line (got it)
-front mount intercooler brackets cause it's hel by zip ties (got a bracket kit hopefully it works)
-window motor
-new unlock/lock button
-figure out mileage
unfortunately since I live in the U.S., parts are gonna cost me until I figure what other nissan models I can use. So please any help would be appreciated! Like as in rotors and brake pads.
What I want to do:
-re paint
-front splitter
-rear diffuser
-side splitter
-fix all the little nicks
-later on rebuild the motor and squeeze more power
-put a nx1600 dash (but don't know how to since it needs some wiring work
hello! new project  IMG_20141119_200855
cannot wait to get this beautiful rare car, for me, looking and working great! By the way, is there any possible way to figure out the mileage of a car? Because previous owner changed the cluster to a 24psx but lost the mileage of how much it has. So please any info that I can, get that would be much appreciated! Also, where may I find a front splitter? And rotors and brake pads all around, where may I find them other then having to pay the international shipping because I would be in university soon. And last is there any crossovers where I can get the brakes rotors and pads from another nissan model Thank you!

2hello! new project  Empty Re: hello! new project 20th November 2014, 10:22 am


R does look good mate. While I havent seen many people using a nx1600 cluster before I know there is a thread about it on one of the R forums, I'll see if I can find it for you.

3hello! new project  Empty Re: hello! new project 30th November 2014, 11:19 pm


the two star club
the two star club
I so want those clocks on mine. I had some of a Astra gte in my Sri cavalier back in the 90s hard to fit but I loved em

4hello! new project  Empty Re: hello! new project 1st December 2014, 12:00 am


I had the digi dash in my nova gsi .... think those digi dashes are quite rare that ariel has got ....

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