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Single Throttle Conversions

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1Single Throttle Conversions Empty Single Throttle Conversions on 29th March 2015, 10:06 am


This has probably been asked before but im struggling to find much about it.

I've bought a new inlet plenum, aftermarket (not ebay pish but same kind of style that you can see on there just now), and i could easy just run it to the intercooler should i choose and keep the existing throttle bodies. My question is though, would it be worth my while converting to a single throttle body and removing the butterflies etc on the existing? Id like to remove the whole throttle body unit but theres a load of breather pipes etc there so ill just keep it and remove the internals should i convert.
My initial thought is which throttle body, and what about the throttle position sensor?

Plenum looks quite similar to this,, but was made by a reputable company


2Single Throttle Conversions Empty Re: Single Throttle Conversions on 29th March 2015, 10:36 am


Sorry mate didn't see your thread before I replied to your PM. Honestly I would just keep the quad throttles if that's easy with your new plenum, I don't think there is any huge gains by converting to single. 

Be careful if you do buy a single throttle because the one I got didn't work with a Gtir tps because the butterfly opened the opposite direction. I used an s13 sensor but I think you wont be able to do that on a factory ecu.

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